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Collar Styles – How To Choose A Shirt Collar

There is actually a lot to know when it comes to collar styles. This overshadowed aspect of dress shirts is not something that should be overlooked. Every man should know how to choose the right collar for the type of dress shirt he purchases. You should know what collar styles mean, why collar styles matter, and why it’s an important nugget of style information for your overall polished look. iTailor offers you 11 different collar styles when creating your custom made dress shirts (which is also illustrated in this article).

The collar can say a lot about the man inside that collar. It can say you’ve worked hard and made something of yourself, it could say you don’t have a clue how to dress yourself, or it could say you’re an absolute style icon, whether you’re out for dinner with colleagues, on a date, or behind the desk. What we want to do is make certain you don’t fall into the second mentioned category. Collar styles, if chosen properly can help to accentuate certain structural features of your face in an effort to keep you looking polished like the dapper gent you are. Choosing the wrong collars will do the exact opposite. It will accentuate facial flaws and just make you look like something hideous, so pay attention these insights are important!

Collar Styles - Tab Collar
Tab Collar
ollar Styles - Spread
Spread Collar






Collar Styles - Band Collar
Band Collar
iTailor Collar Styles - Cutaway
Cutaway Collar






Collar Styles – Why They Matter

More often than not if you’re sporting a button down dress shirt there’s a reason for it. You’re either at work, on a date, at an event of some sort, or you’re just a dapper dressing gent all the time and your purpose is always looking your best. Regardless of which you fall into, you’re trying to look GREAT. Some say success is in the details, ok, I say success is in the details, but it is.. and in all things. Let me ask you something, if the goal is to look good why not pull out all the stops and do your very best? That being said, the wrong collar style won’t make or break you but it will certainly make a large impact on making or breaking you. There are three main collar types (Straight, Turndown, Round)  Arrow cut or straight point collars have closer set points and generally are known to elongate the face, this is of course more suitable for men with a rounder face or who are shorter in stature. Turndown collars like spread options are the most well known and have many different options for collar styles.(spread speaks about the distance between the collar points) Round collar types are also known as club collars and are predominantly worn to more dressy affairs, these collar type should only be worn by slender, in-shape and or taller men.

Certain collar styles are going to be more suitable for casual dress affairs, while others are more suitable for work, and or formal events. Understanding the difference is critical, no one wants to be seen wearing a corduroy or tweed blazer in Miami in July. The same applies to any style within your ensemble including the collars of your custom dress shirts. Button down collar styles are predominantly known for being worn in more casual places, however they can work very well with a bowtie for a more upscale event. Tab collars have a snap behind the tie area which makes the tie knot push up and out, these are usually worn in business settings by those who are quite confident in their fashions and want to draw attention to their tie, themselves, and overall ensemble. When it comes to making an impact being in-style we recommend a spread or cutaway collar for the office with a tie, if you work in a more relaxed industry like a marketing firm or tech company button downs can work very well. If you’re looking to stand out at any event or gathering we suggest looking at our modern and batman collars which will add a bit of rare flare to your collars. When it all boils down you have to ask yourself what makes you comfortable and happy with your appearance, always remember style is personal.


iTailor Collar Styles - Straight Point
Straight Point Collar w/ or w/out buttons
Collar Styles - Modern Collar
Modern Collar






Collar Styles – The iTailor Advantages

Now when it comes to the collar styles we offer on our custom made dress shirts, we try our best to cover everything and anything a man could want. This is why we have 11 different collar styles for you to choose from when designing your shirts. (pictured throughout this post) Whether you’re into showing your confidence as an up and comer with a cutaway collar or a bit more trendy and in a more relaxed workplace looking for button downs we’ve got you covered. From the “play it safe” but still stylish spread collars to the batman and rarely worn band collars, we have a multitude of collar styles to choose from that will certainly suffice. One of the great things about our current options for collar styles is we offer single or double buttons with each and every collar. One feature you will see on our site is that when you’re designing your shirt and choosing your collar we allow you to view what the shirt collar will look like when it is buttoned or unbuttoned. This way you can have a clear idea of what it will look like if you’re thinking about trying a style you’ve never worn before.

Collar Styles - Batman Collar
Batman Collar
Collar Styles - Tuxedo
Tuxedo Collar






Collar Styles - Round Collar
Round Collar
Collar Styles - Hidden Button Down
Hidden Button Down






That’s it this week, we hope you enjoyed this information on collar styles and were able to learn a bit. As always if you liked what you read or have any questions or comments please feel free to let us know and comment below! If you’d like to design your own custom made shirts click here and start designing your men’s custom made shirts today! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below for free company updates and our weekly sales on custom men’s suits, shirts, luxury designer shoes, and more!

5 thoughts on “Collar Styles – How To Choose A Shirt Collar”

  1. Awesome article! Never knew that there were so many options. I wore a spread collar today. Didn’t notice it when I bought it. Didn’t know if it was meant to be worn with a tie but wore one anyway.

    1. Hi Lloyd, thank you for your comments. Yes spread collars are the most well known and mass populated collars on the market today. Not too flashy, not too subtle.
      They have a timeless appeal and can always be worn with or without a tie. Very versatile collar.

  2. Bradley – I enjoyed your article and agree on many of the points. I do wish, however that iTailor offered a pin collar (and the pins to go with it!). Here’s an example:

    On an unrelated note, I wish iTailor offered summer-weight suits as well. I might have missed it, however I have yet to find a suit on their site that is indicated as either being a lighter weight wool or linen. This would be great for those of us that live in high temperature, high humidity climes.


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