iTailor Belts – Our 2017 Block Buster!

Welcome this year’s spring season with your own collection of pure 100% leather belts. Customize it to suit your style and size! Discover our belt collection that has been a huge hit with our treasured customers and fans…

It’s been quite on our iTailor blog lately, but things are now kicking into gear again as we have an amazing 2017 lined up for you guys and It is time to welcome our spring collection! As I have already touched base on our shirt and suit collection in my previous blogs, today I’ll be taking you on a guide of one of our increasingly popular product – Belts!

Launched in early 2016, our belt product was meant as an added value product to compliment our acclaimed custom-shoes offering. Little did we know that this product would take a life of its own as it continues to surpass all our other products in terms of great feedback, turnover, retention and other stats that keeps the marketing and sales team happy. I don’t need the figures to tell me just how good our belts were going to be, as since conceptualization of the product, I could feel that we were going to be offering something unprecedented and revolutionary. Something that would once again challenge the limits of fashion and bespoke!

Sophisticated and Simple 3D Engine

Our belts platform reflect the product it represents, simple and sophisticated. It is based on our most intuitive and advanced algorithm of patented real-time 3D designing engine yet.

You start with 2 choices of Classic or Modern belts, from which you can then go on to customize to millions of combinations.

Limitless Designing Possibilities

We offer 6 designing options for our Classic Belts and 5 designing options for our Modern Belts. In each option there are various choices to select from. Statistically, as many mathematicians would attest to, the combinations that can be created are in millionth terms. Simply said, the choices on offer is limitless. Bold, simple or classy, the choice is yours!


Personalization has always been a stamp of approval for our brand. We have always believed that a true bespoke item should reflect the character of our customers. The best way to imprint this is with initials, or signatures of the individual. We are also the only online tailor who does not charge extra for contrasting or personalization options.

Single Measurement Entry

Measuring body sizes is often a challenge. Especially when it comes to purchasing made-to-measure items, let alone made-to-measure items online. We have grown into the largest tailoring source because of our state-of-the-art technology to tailor clothing and footwear based on minimal measurement entries.

For belts we only require 1 measurement which is your actual waist size!

Oh and we do definitely make for Big and Tall as well as Petite! So if you have trouble finding sizes off the shelf, purchasing from regular brands then you can get a belt made to your waist size at

And if you are just bored of the same style at overtly grossed pricing, then you definitely need an iTailor Belt.

Get Designing Today! Limited Time 20% off Belts for our Blog Readers Only! Write to us at – Subject Belt Promo and get 20% off your Belts. Available till March 30!

Tailored Women Overcoat (Insider Discounts in Blog!)

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the much awaited, highly anticipated (cue drum-roll) Tailored Women Overcoat! As always, we’ve listened to your loving feedback and have come up with the much coveted demand for Women’s wear. We have introduced our ladies collection with designer pages for suits and overcoat – just in time for Winter!

Not to overlook our friends in the southern hemisphere, now is a great time to pre-order your winter overcoats as well! Remember, iTailor ships worldwide to over 165 countries!

As always our blog readers will enjoy $25 additional discounts to the already best prices on the internet. Simply write to our friendly customer service at with the subject “Blog Women Overcoat”.

Last week’s offer was a big hit with our Gentlemen clientele, so do not miss out ladies! Gentlemen, if you have lady friends, family, wives or girlfriends, do recommend the blog discounts onwards so your friends and family can enjoy the same discounts. In the past we have featured only men’s products, but I will be exploring and elaborating more on our women’s collection as we continue to roll out our custom-wear for women. Do note that these discounts are not promoted elsewhere on our website or the internet. It is for our blog readers only 😉

Coat Woman 2

Discounts aside, the main intention of our blog however is to raise awareness of our online tailor-made culture, which is a revolutionary mix of art, skill, innovation, information technology, passion, and experience. We are proud to be the world’s leading online tailor, and perhaps the world’s leading tailor too. This is all down to our philosophy of excellence and value. Delivering the best bespoke products and services, at unbelievable prices.

Keeping this tradition in mind, we have revamped our Ladies collection, re-introducing how one can shop for clothes online. Gone are the days of pre-set in-the-box attires, and forced fashion collection. You can now design your outfit to your style, color, and personal touch. Furthermore, and more importantly, you can now design clothes that actually fit you well.

Big, small, petite, we cater to all! If you find it hard to buy off the shelf and/or consistently need to alter off the rack clothing then we can definitely help you. You are able to customise to your size, and we do not charge extra for big and tall!

Sketch overcoat woman

Even if you fit into off-the-shelf clothing, we do offer standard sizes, which you can design to your style to superior fabric quality and millions of style combinations at a fraction of branded wear costs (with quality that is on par or superior, that I can assure). Each item is hand-tailored meaning you will be getting the best exclusively made for you.

Coming back to the subject of the day, overcoats, we are excited to announce the many styles we have on offer ranging from the traditional winter long coats, pea coats, trench coats, military coats, to your own creations.


And if you still cannot find the style you are after (or you are so overwhelmed by the choices on offer) you can simply write to us at requesting your styles. Our friendly customer service team is on standby to help assist on requests which are not available on our website or guide you through the style and user interface as well.

Allow me to guide you through our designing process ladies, a short tutorial if you may. We start with a wide panel of choices of the type or style of coat. Ellen, my co-worker, and our chief graphics designer is heading to New York to celebrate the countdown in Times Square. It is going to be one freezing night, and she wants to look fabulous, so let’s pick her brain on the style she’s going for.


Ellen is going for the Double Trenched Coat which is one of the best selling models, because its modern, fashionable and also highly functional. Our cashmere wool fabric is one of the best overcoat fabrics in the market, thoroughly tested to last, easy to care with dry clean, maintains a classy look per our bespoke standards, and most importantly serves its purpose – retains warmth.

Our Double Trenched Coat is designed to be shorter in length, much like a Pea Coat, which is a great alternative by the way. Ellen finds this style perfect to pair with denim, in a casual chic look, and takes comfort in the knowledge that her shorter coat will not be bother especially when she plans to do a lot of walking around the Big Apple. Our overcoats are also constructed with fine hand-crafted workmanship, complimenting the silhouette, not bulking your look.

Double Trenched Coat
Design your Own Coats Today!

To quote the infamous fashion icon, Ralph Lauren, “Fashion is something that comes from within you”. And if it comes from within you then you are unlikely to find it off shelf it has to be custom-made for you (sorry to say it, Mr. Lauren, but your quote is a bit contradicting…hmm). Ellen swears by this quote, and channels her inner Vivaldi in the work you have all grown to love – the website graphics and designs of Similarly, she has a unique sense of style which is reflected in her bold choice of Royal Pink cashmere color for her 12-buttoned Double Trenched Coat which comes with wooden designed buttons, and belt fastener. Of course not everyone enjoys such a bold color, especially in winter when grey and blacks are more in fashion. This is why we offer more than 10 cashmere color choices to choose from for all our styles.

Overcoat Fabric
Choose Pure Cashmere Colors in Unique Colors on Internet!

Deep down Ellen is more conservative, which reflects in her inner fabric choice of Deep Red, personally monogrammed with her full name Elizabeth Graham (don’t tell anyone that! she screams, oops). Monogramming is that additional touch we offer, in addition to contrasts, all of which are free-of-charge, thus making our prices the best online!

Deep Red
Personalized touch! Free Monograms, and Contrasts!

Ellen, is short in stature, and finds it hard to shop off-the-shelf anyways (which is why she was destined to be part of our custom-made journey!). In addition she wants the coat to be even shorter to balance her sleeve length. This is why she opts for custom-made measurements by selecting body size and following the video guidelines online, noting to measure her body sizes. Gent’s if you’re still reading, we do offer standard sizes as well if you’re looking to gift or buy on behalf of your Lady friends and family.

Body Size
Made-To-Measure uniquely to your size!

Ellen happily checks out and since she is my number 1 fan, I have extended her the $25 discount as well, and will expedite her order free of charge.

She’s looking forward to standing out in Times Square, on New Year’s Eve in her Royal Pink Tailor-Made Trench-coat. It’s going to be one amazing click in the Big Apple.


Tailored Overcoat For US$179 (With additional Discounts in Blog!)

Winter is Coming, the eye-catching phrase that many will immediately associate with the highly acclaimed (need I say the name?) Game of Thrones Series. As Fall gives way to colder months, winter brings with it, in my opinion, the most distinguished piece of Apparel one can adorn, namely, The Tailored Overcoat.

Winter is Coming, but not yet, which gives you plenty of time to start looking for your perfect winter tailored Overcoat. And what makes this season’s collection so exciting is that we have just launched our Ladies Overcoat Collection, in line with our tradition of Revolutionizing Fashion. This blog explores the option for our Men’s collection, and I will follow up the series with more on our Ladies’ collection next week. So Ladies and Gents, its time to get your Perfect Coat on!

Fire Alarm! Hottest Designs at the Hottest Prices!

What is the perfect Coat?

1. Perfect Size – Meaning Made-to-Measure.

The Overcoat is anything but a simple outerwear, and fitting is perhaps the most important feature of a tailored overcoat. During the cold winter months, you are already adorned with layers of winter clothing. An oversized fit will not lend a flattering look, where else too slim and you won’t be able to move.
Tailoring an overcoat to your size and style will compliment your silhouette, and lend the distinguished look I mentioned earlier, even when casually worn with semi-formal attires.

Did you know our prices are all inclusive! Yes, that’s right we do not charge extra for Big & Tall, for contrasts, monograms or for personalised coats.

Do you find it difficult to shop for coats off-the-rack? can help you! Customize to your Style and Length, just as reviewed by one of our happy customers below:

“I received my custom designed topcoat last week just in time for a series of snow storms here in New England and I want you to know how happy I am with it. I couldn’t find a ‘full-length’ overcoat that was as long as I wanted at any store or on any website, so when I learned of I designed the coat I have been looking for. It is very well made and was constructed using exactly the measurements I gave. This fully customized coat was amazingly inexpensive” J.T. Belmont, USA.

GET A CUSTOM-OVER COAT TODAY. GET $25 OFF. Write to us at, subject “Blog Coat Promo”. Offer Ends November 30, 2016.

Overcoat Capture
Design Your Perfect Overcoat at
2. Quality.

The main function of an Overcoat is warmth. As synesthetic products are more apparent in the fashion industry, the quality of coats, and suits in general have substantially decreased, whilst prices continue to rise. You are in fact, being tricked to paying for the Brand rather than substance. Our main mission as a Custom-Made brand is to ensure value-for-money, as well as added value features, for our customers. Our wool quality ensures that your coat will keep you warm, without being grotesquely thick as to be overbearingly uncomfortable.

Fabric Capture
Over 10 Colors and Million Design Combinations to choose from!
2. Style and Character

An overcoat is a long coat with sleeves that is worn on top of something else. The Overcoat carries with it a certain element of sophistication, that lends a charming look when adorned with more casual Jeans and Pullovers. But when garbed over a Tailored Suit, your Tailored Overcoat will be strikingly aristocratic. And this is not surprising as historically, overcoats have been worn exclusively for formal events to establish a social status or has been part of a professional or military uniform.

Military Coat 1
Traditional Military Coat

Traditionally worn as a long double breasted coat, that extends itself way beyond the knee, Today’s coats are more stylish with single and double breasted choices being equally popular, as well as the shorter Pea Coats, and Duffel Coats. Traditional Tailors, such as ourselves, will still lean towards the more conservative style of Single and Double Breasted Long Coats for Men’s – after all, you do not need to tamper much with the Rolls Royce of Men’s Clothing. But conservative or not, you can design your tailored overcoat to over millions of designs on our website.

What we can do for you at 4 things you need to get on your next coat

Wool and Color – We offer 10 colors of the highest quality wool blend in colors that range from the more formal gray scale / black, to the highly unusual Green and Red. Now you can stand out in Style!

Pick your Style: Tired of the same black and grey of Winter? Always wanted that Military Green made to a Double Breasted look to go with the latest Camouflage trend? Want that Red Coat with Green Trimmings just in time for Christmas…
You got it! Get in the festive mood, and deck the whole family or your friends in style.

Got a Theme? You can customize and place your orders in Bulk. Write to us at to receive up to 30% discount on bulk orders and prioritised shipping!!
You are able to customize the style of your Jacket to millions of styles.

Xmas Capture
Xmas Theme! Choose your own, design for your groups, friends!

Make it truly Yours:  We take pride in our craftsmanship, creating wonders of art with each item. The intricate lining details can be designed to 10 colors, and you can make your coat truly bespoke with a monogram especially made for you.

Intricate lining details, and personalized monogram. All your choice!

Customized Length: Personally, as an individual of shorter stature, I simply cannot buy off-the-rack. It is hard enough to dress in Suits, and Shirts, but when it comes to Overcoats, it is a nightmare to get the right length when shopping for one off shelf. If I do end up buying even the smallest one, I still need to fork a hefty sum to a local tailor for alteration.

iTailor is my perfect custom solution. I can specify my desired length. I know friends who are Big & Tall, who are our returning favorite customers In addition you can always contact our friendly customer service for advice or more information. Simply write to We respond within 24 hours!

GET A CUSTOM-OVER COAT TODAY. GET $25 OFF. Write to us at, subject “Blog Coat Promo”. Offer Ends November 30, 2016.

For Women, we’re so excited to announce even more options on our brand new Ladies tailored Overcoat Collection with a brilliantly designed site that allows you to design and shop with ease. Your choice includes, pre-designed collections such as Pea Coats, Winter Long Coats, Trench Designs, all that be designed to millions of design combinations. And available in All Sizes – Tall, Petite, Custom. I will explore our new Ladies Coats and Suits in the Upcoming Blog. Stay Tuned!

3 Winning Suit Styles for Fall 2016

The best way to wave goodbye to Summer is to do it in Style. With summer’s heat and humidity subsiding, the idea of wearing a suit is getting a lot more attractive. In this article I highlight the highest rated styles to welcome the best Suit Styles for Fall 2016 . These styles are based on real-time data from iTailor, as well as expert forums – so you can be confident in nailing that to-die-for business look. Enjoy!


No.1: The Power of Presidential Blue

Why not take a leaf out of the wardrobe of most powerful man on earth, so to speak. If you google image ‘President Obama Suits’ chances are that he is featured in a variation Dark Navy or Dark Navy Pinstripe Suit.

But instead of throwing on a bland navy two-piece this fall, take this opportunity to slip into tailored clothing that actually says something about your personal style.

Which is why I highly recommend this Patterned Blue, Italian Designed Wool Blend that is so boldly Presidential as our No.1 Fall Suit.

GET THIS LOOK FOR ONLY $349 For Blog Readers Only. (SUIT + SHIRT + SHOES + BELT!! Full Price $399).

More Details write to Subject “Blog Fall Promo”

Suit Color: Presidential Blue 51007-3

Shirt Fabric: Premium White No. 41

Shoes: Burnished Leather Fashion BOF 2


Screen Shot 2559-09-15 at 3.01.05 PM


No. 2: The Statement Suit. Go Grey. And make it Double Breasted.


GET THIS LOOK FOR ONLY $329 For Blog Readers Only. (SUIT + SHIRT + SHOES + BELT!! Full Price $379).

More Details write to Subject “Blog Fall Promo”

Wear this double-breasted suit for a boost of business confidence. A Must for CEOs, or aspiring CEOs – If you dress like a CEO, you feel like a CEO, and you project CEO!

The best way to get back into the game, to announce your solid comeback post Summer break, is to do it with the sharpest looking threads. And the sharpest looking suit is often the simple time-tested collection, tweaked to incorporate hints of the current year’s fashion statement, which is why I recommend the double-breasted power play for this fall!

One thing to note: When wearing a double-breasted suit, you must either keep the jacket buttoned, or take it off—no flapping wings allowed.

Suit Color: Presidential Blue 51020-2

Shirt Fabric: Premium White No. 41

Shoes: Burnished Leather Derby BOF 3

Screen Shot 2559-09-15 at 3.37.46 PM

Screen Shot 2559-09-15 at 3.44.25 PM

3. All Black Dapper

iTailor Artroom-0186

GET THIS LOOK FOR ONLY $289 For Blog Readers Only. (SUIT + SHIRT + SHOES + BELT!! Full Price $339).

More Details write to Subject “Blog Fall Promo”

You can never go wrong with a Black Suit. It is stylish, sleek and oh so versatile! Pair it with a white shirt and black tie, and a scarf to pull off a classy Black Tie look.

Or don your black jacket with a pair of jeans for the casual after work / weekend dinner with that special someone.

If you’re feeling adventurous why not add a personal tailored touch to your classic Black Suit, by customizing your shirt colors, or contrasting the buttons and buttonhole threads.

For our blog readers, as always I’m always happy to offer special deals for our readers, as I love and treasure your comments, and input. As highlighted throughout the post above, you can get these winning looks at special prices with savings of $50 on each style. To claim these styles, Simply place your order online or email me at for more information.
Hurry up! Limited offer till October 15th only! – Get your Tailor-Made Suit Styles for Fall 2016 collection that even GQ is talking is about.

Why your $159 Suits are actually Worth $1,000!

We offer the best prices for Tailor-Made suits online – this is guaranteed. But did you know that you are not just getting the best prices, but also the best quality? Yes, our Suits are indeed worth thousands of dollars. So how do we make $1,000 Suits at $159? This post answers the key question that everyone has been asking!

In my previous post I talked about why one should opt for a Tailor-Made Suit. My main reason was Fit, Style and Price,

I have often talked about and do believe that we have all experienced a case of ‘too good to be true’. More so in this day and age of Online Shopping where people do not get what they order online.

Here is a viral post that was circulated by BuzzFeed that puts a light-hearted spin on the errs of online shopping:

Screen Shot 2559-08-05 at 3.12.09 PM
Too good to be true.

Sure these are not expensive purchases which you can afford to shop based on trial and error, hit or miss, by hook or by crook methods. But these scamming, fraudulent and unethical companies are affecting the more honest traders and establishments who do provide ‘too-good-to-be true products.’

Side Topic: What are the ways to avoid fake purchases scams online?

1. Buy through credible channels such as Amazon (yes, we are featured).

Screen Shot 2559-08-05 at 3.15.48 PM
iTailor on Amazon.

2. Make sure they offer Money Back Guarantees. offers 100% money back guarantee!

Money Back Guarantee

3. The site should be affiliated with Trusted Partners and Payment Gateway. is partner with World’s Largest Logistic Company, DHL, and World’s most secure Online Payment System, Paypal.

Screen Shot 2559-08-05 at 3.25.06 PM
DHL Ecommerce partnership with

4. They should have Positive Reviews, and are Highly Ranked!

TrustPilot Review

All of the mentioned points above take Time, Effort, Dedication, Capital, and Credibility to build, and more importantly maintain. To paraphrase the saying, it is easier to be no. 1 than to remain no. 1. Any site that ticks off the above checklist, such as, can be guaranteed to be genuinely trustworthy and safe to purchase from.

Coming back to our main topic, how it it that we offer ‘too good to be true’ bespoke products at ‘too good to be true’ prices?

It starts with a vision. The unofficial mission statement of the brand, I daresay, is to provide the Highest Quality Bespoke Products, with the best Service, at Prices that everyone can afford. Simply put, it is the creation of Affordable Luxury in the Tailor Made business.

The concept of Affordable Luxury is a new niche, one that we have helped coined. You may not notice it, but this niche is slowly but surely being inadvertently marketed to the affluent masses.

And the driving force behind it (you guessed it!) is The internet. Think about that recent holiday you took to a beach retreat in South East Asia, or a ski trip in Europe, or a cruise in the Bahamas. Just a decade earlier, these trips would be exclusive to the wealthy costing in the tens of thousands of dollars. However, nowadays you can cruise in exotic locations from just $499!

Screen Shot 2559-08-05 at 3.38.14 PM
Affordable Luxury; Cruising around Europe and Bahamas for $499.

Even the latest branded luxurious accessories are now traded at spectacular prices. Think about the last watch, belt, or sunglasses you bought online at 70% off? Those are all luxurious items which pre-online shopping era would set you back five times the amount paid today.

You are therefore correct in deducing that the introduction of e-commerce has benefitted consumers greatly. The elimination of storefront expenses has allowed numerous businesses, including, to offer consumers true quality and value for money products delivered directly to you.

As revolutionary as e-commerce businesses may be (and it does seem like everyone is jumping on this gold rush to open their own e-product, e-service, e-marketing, e-this, e-that), the survival rate of online businesses, especially those offering Luxury, depends on other more key components, not just price.

These key components are Quality of the product, Quality of  Service, Quality of Website and Credibility.

Quality of Product

Quality is Key – the words echoed by our CEO. It was what first drove our humble enterprise as a traditional tailor since 1971 to revolutionise the sub-parred production of suits in the early 2000s by Tailoring establishments worldwide, including the well-known economical priced hubs of Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and some parts of the Americas.

It was this drive, this integral realisation to deliver products that matched its value, to clients who appreciated value for money, that allowed the company to secure contracts by world leading companies in the hospitality and clothier industry such as Wynn, Venetian and MGM resorts worldwide.

Suit Pattern
Made Per the Tradition of Bespoke.

Being The Source!

But quality production is always attainable and sustainable if it is built and developed in-house. Being a direct source of production, unlike other establishment, we continue to control and increase the quality of our production, for our every growing clients and partners (some of which are world leading brands), without the irksome marketing costs and sales costs imposed by middleman agencies.

To put it simply, you’re basically getting the same, if not better, product as that high-end brand you follow on Instagram or Facebook, minus the huge marketing cost they have added to their product!

Hand Tailored
Oh! and did we mention that each item is Hand-Tailored?


A successful affordable-luxury online company usually stems from a successful traditional business format with heritage. Think about any other Luxury brand – say Hugo Boss. When you think about Hugo Boss, you think about Men’s Premium Luxury, steeped in heritage from the early 1900’s. Hugo Boss and other luxury brands are also catering to the online world, with special prices with attractive online discounts. People know of Hugo Boss from years of branding built by storefront sales and service.

Similarly, is a Third Generation tailoring enterprise with over 40 years of cultivated tailoring excellence. Started off as a humble establishment in 1971 – essentially a mom and pop tailor store – we now house the largest pool of skilled tailors in the world. Correction, We house the largest pool of PASSIONATE skilled tailors in the world, who are dedicated to their craft. Our master tailors create your products out of love for their skill, and in the knowledge that this skill shall be cherished and passed on to future generations in a nurturing and rewarding environment.

IT Shirt pattern
Art and IT seamlessly blend to create Patterns for your suits!

Service! prides itself on not only being the world’s largest online tailor, but also leaders in Customer Satisfaction, as well as Customer Retention rates. We have the highest returning customer rates in the industry, which is testament not only to the Quality of our products, but also the pre and after sales service that we offer. Our dedicated Customer Service team has the fastest response time in the industry, and we continue to partner with Customer Service optimisation Metric to improve our service dedication.

Nice Reply
Providing Outstanding Customer Service

To summarise:

  1. Your suits are passionately handcrafted from the Direct Source of Tailoring Production which incorporates 3rd Generation Master Tailors, with 45 years of skill, with innovative blend of IT, Skill and Art.
  2. Your suits are ordered in a Fun and Revolutionary 3D Designing online platform, that allows you to Self design and Create millions of design combinations.
  3. We continue to strive for perfection to deliver the best tailor-made products and services directly to you without any middleman costs. The benefit goes to you as a consumer.

Why not try a $1,000 dollar suit out for yourself? You’re only paying $159 for it 😉

Fabric Barcode
Innovative blend of Art, Skill and IT.

Do I really need a Tailor Made Suit?

We can all agree that Tailor Made Suit are great (and the TV show is not bad either). Men look more dapper in them, and regain a new sense of confidence, instilled by their latest “threads”.

But it can go horribly wrong and do just the opposite and enhance a dishevelled look. So now, you’ve just paid good money for your brand new suit, and you’re still not that perfect gent that GQ promised. Insert angry face emoticon!

So how do you get a good fitting suit? The simple answer is, you have to go for a tailor made suit!

Yes, you can argue that I do just fine with my altered off-the-rack suit. But do you really?

There is nothing like a well tailor made Suit that is truly hand crafted to your unique body style and size. See the image below, that has been exaggerated (and obviously replicated from the internet) to support author’s claim that you do need that Tailor Made Suit!

Before and After of a Custom Made Suit. True Story!

Don’t just take our word for it. We encourage you to do a quick Google search. You will find countless article advising the same.

Google Screen Shot
Google knows Style. And yes the other stuff is important too…


Below is another borrowed visual guidelines from our friends at illustrating how your suit should fit. And chances are the suit you’re wearing does not fit this way…


Good fitting suit


An off-the-rack suit may be altered to your size, but there will always be certain parts that is lacking, often adjusting and accounting only for length, while “making do” with the torso.

Now that you agree on the importance of a well tailored suit, let’s move on to other issues preventing you from looking like that well dressed gentleman on GQ that you’ve been following for so long.

But my off-the-rack suit is cheaper and I simply do not have the time to go to a Tailor to get measured“, you often say.

Yes, custom-made suits, or tailor made suit are well known for their price tag.

The Noble House: Kiton

But fortunate for the fashion world, we now live in an age of online shopping. And boy what a world it is – from noble brand house to generic models, you are able to buy products to your liking at a discount.

But what if we could go one step further and offer a fashion model that not only offers some of the most attractive prices for tailor-made clothing, but also allows you to self customise, and measure your own suit? All for less than $199? Talk about killing two birds with one stone, eh?

Sure, that’s a great idea, but it must be a case of too good to be true. Well not for our brand Based on over 40 years of tailoring experience, and currently a third generation tailor, our humble establishment has now grown to house over 400 skilled tailors, and is continuing to innovate the tailoring world by offering simple solutions to online self tailoring.

As the World’s Leading Online Tailor, with over 210,000 customers served, and the Highest Ranked Tailor, we are a testament that Quality Tailor Made Suit can be self designed online, and does not have to cost thousands of dollars. Thus solving the key problem of a) saving time on getting measured b) affordable tailor made suit that fits!

TrustPilot Review
Highest Ranked Tailor on!


So to summarise, the main reasons to own a Custom Made Suit are:

1. The Fit – If you had to break it down to one reason, this would be the only that mattered. It is better to have a lower quality fabric (not that we are endorsing this), in a suit that is Made-To-Measure, than buy thousands of dollars worth of off-the-rack purchases that does not fit well.

iTailor Collection - Custom Dress Shirts
Be your own Tailor. Choose Your Body Measurement on


Screen Shot 2559-07-27 at 5.12.01 PM
Easy Instruction to Measure yourself online!


2. The Style – if you are going custom, you might as well make your suit truly yours. This means opting for the best fabrics, the best construction, and personalising your suit to your liking. These options should include the ability to personalise both the interior of the jacket as well as the exterior of the jacket. has the Largest Premium Wool Fabric Collection Online!

You should be able to opt for contrast selections that matches the latest fashion, or choose lining colours that are bold or conservative to match your personality. In addition, you should also be able to add your own special monograms that really puts the finishing touch on a truly custom-made or tailor-made suit.

Custom Tuxedo Designs
A Few Of The Design Options On Our Custom tailor made suit and Tuxedos. Statistics prove that we offer Millions of Design possibilities!


Men's Custom Suit Monogram
Men’s tailor made Suit Design Options (Piping & Monogram). Suits that suit your character!

3. The Price – There used to be only 2 reasons for owning a Tailor Made Suit; The Fit and The Style. But now we can feature pricing into the equation, because with our revolutionary state-of-the-art pattern algorithms derived from Saville Row, combined with our innovative real-time online 3D Designer, we leave the designing to you, at prices you can afford. This concept, dubbed affordable luxury, allows you to create your own bespoke products at prices that match, if not better than off-the-rack purchases, or high priced tailor establishments. We also guarantee that we offer the best tailor-made prices online, without charging extra for designing details such as contrasts or monograms.

So how exactly do we make $1,000 dollar suits at $159. Stay tuned to find out more in our next blogs as we explore this topic as well as our upcoming topics on What to look for in a Tailor Made Suit. Feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll get back to you ASAP! Happy Designing.

Custom Made Suits Quiz – Show What You Know

Think back, way back to the days when you loved math class and you thought gym class was just…super boring, when you would rather be in the student council than be on prom court, and when you longed for pop quizzes or any test for that matter. Wait, you say none of those apply? Well honestly we didn’t think they would either but we have a quiz for you, and not just any quiz, this quiz is solely about custom made suits here at iTailor. Trust us when we say we didn’t create this to stump any one, more so as a guide and to provide a few helpful hints as you decide which custom made suits you will design and how. So without any more reminiscing on how much you miss school days, let’s get into our quiz on custom made suits.


Custom Made Suits – True/False

1) iTailor’s custom made suits are the lowest priced custom suits online, and around the globe?

2) iTailor offers single and double breasted custom made suits that incorporate functional buttons, 9 different design options for pants pockets, and jackets with the choice of one to six buttons.

3) iTailor currently has nearly 300 fabric options to design your custom made suits from.



Custom Made Suits – Multiple Choice

4) iTailor has a new premium wool blend fabric option for its custom made suits. The price on this premium fabric is..?

a) $239    b)$219    c) $199     d)$249


5) How many fabric options are available in the “new collection” premium wool blend for our custom made suits?

a)99         b)91        c)111        d)92


6) iTailor has been in the tailoring business and constructing custom made suits since..?

a)1999     b)2001    c)1971      d)1985



Custom Made Suits – Brief Essay(Very Brief)

7) When it comes to custom made suits there are many facets of the suiting that can be talked about; from monogramming and elbow patches to lapel size and style to the angle or style of your jacket and pants pockets. We would like to know what your favorite part of our custom made suits might be? Is it a specific design option? The price? The experience behind our craftsmanship? Maybe something very specific to you..



Please take a quick minute and let us know your answers below in the comments, don’t be shy we will reply : ) And you can make it easy on yourself and write your answers just like this if you wish (Example: TFT, abb, the consistent upgrading of fabric choices)


That’s it for this week, be sure to come back next week and get the answers to our quiz and see how well you did. Don’t forget If you liked what you read or have any questions please feel free to let us know and comment below! If you’d like to design your own custom made suit from nearly 300 fabric options click here and start designing your men’s suits today! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below for free company updates and our weekly sales on custom made suits, shirts, luxury designer shoes, and more!

Top 10 Must Tries on the New Ultimate 3D (Part 2)


A fond hello to our dear friends and valued customers of iTailor. This week’s much anticipated blog countdowns the top ten contendors of my Ultimate 3D must tries. Accolades have been pouring in from all over the world heralding our new look, and we would love to hear from you as well. Do send us your comments at, or post, tweet or even video blog about it. We are offering an exclusive 50 GBP discount for the best review/feedback. Without further ado here’s number 5: Placket Trimming.

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Top 10 Must Tries on the New Ultimate 3D (Part 1)


Hello friends and treasured clients of iTailor. This week’s exciting blog follows last week’s introduction of our nouveau designer engine; The Ultimate 3D. To recap, after 3 years of leading the industry by storm, we have just launched our much awaited all-new designing interface. This platform takes into account all your requests for upgrades, options and much much more.

So let’s unravel some of the jewels of the Ultimate 3D. Here’s the fist part of my formidably New Features list (not in any rank or preference).

10) Back York placket.
Alright. Alright. Alright. You can just feel that Mathew McConaughey’s accent seep through you when contrasting your Back Yoke to give that laissez-faire cowboy look. Leather hats not included, mind you (but maybe coming soon. Wink.)

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