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Custom Tuxedos for $179. Why Rent when you can Buy!

Tuxedos are the timeless crown jewel of Men’s Fashion. It is essential for your most momentous days, be it Prom, Weddings, or well to do Ceremonies. Whilst it has been the norm to Rent a Tux, a Well-Tailored Tuxedo is a must when you want to look your best!

So why is it that people opt for Rented Tuxedos? Price is a big, if not the main factor. The hassle of finding a good tailor, is usually the second.


Our Prices Starts at just $179. AND you can order your Custom Tuxedo Online for it to be shipped directly to you!

Our Videos Highlight The BESPOKE nature of our Production Standards. You can be confident that each item is being exclusively hand-tailored just for you.


Custom Tuxedos Will Fit You Better

Let’s be honest, have you ever rented a tuxedo that fit you well? The vests are usually trash, the pants never come close to how you want them, and the jackets certainly don’t have the tailored look you really want. When you rent a tuxedo you give the tailor your measurements correct? Correct! What they do is they match your measurements with a measurement chart aka “size guide” that aligns with the your measurements. Then they place those sizes on the order form for your tuxedo. Yea it sounds like an exact science to me too! 🙂 It’s simple common sense gentlemen, just like that with a custom made suit vs. an off the rack/ready made suit.. they can’t compete where they don’t compare.

You may be thinking to yourself, when would I ever have the opportunity to wear this again, isn’t that why everyone rents them? Great question, here’s your answer: Any invite that says (formal, black tie, or black tie optional), the opening of any opera, ballet, or symphony, any ball or formal dance party, all formal dinner parties, or dinner at any formal restaurant. Also take a peek at what GQ has to say. Remember, choose wisely and get yourself and your groomsmen some custom tuxedos.. fit is everything.

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Custom Tuxedos Surface Memorable Fashion

No matter what the event is, a formal dinner party, gala, or most commonly a wedding, you know about this event way ahead of time. You plan for it, and you also need to be dressed to the nines. A tuxedo is a must, but my friend.. memorable times call for memorable fashions. Not everyone can be as suave as the groomsmen with the custom tuxedos, and not everyone will understand just how important such events are, events that demand the presence of a custom made tuxedo. You on the other hand understand just how stylish you should be, how important this event is (Maybe to others more so than you),or you wouldn’t be reading this. No matter the event always keep in mind any special occasion calls for a special appearance.

Custom Tuxedos Are Less Money

Our custom tuxedos range from $179 – $199. And just like everything on our site we offer unprecedented design-ability in your hands. From fabric color (black, white, red, and navy) to lapel styles (shawl, notch, peak, etc.), to the intricacies with jacket and pants pockets, jacket vents, sleeve buttons, and the list goes on. You can either spend more and get less, or you can spend less and get more, a lot more. PLUS, design it to look exactly as you wish. The choice is yours gentlemen, choose wisely and in all things have fun!

A Few Of The Design Options On Our Custom Tuxedos

The next time that some special occasion roles around that demands a tuxedo, look this way. Or simply get online now and get it made so when the time comes you’re already ahead of the game. Remember, a)more comfortable than you ever imagined, b) you need a special appearance, and c) it’s going to cost less. All this and plenty of compliments from anyone and everyone at the event.

That’s it for this week, if you liked what you read or have any questions please feel free to let us know and comment below! If you’d like to design your own custom tuxedos click here and start designing today! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below for free company updates and our weekly sales on men’s custom suits, shirts, luxury designer shoes, and more!

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