Do I really need a Tailor Made Suit?

We can all agree that Tailor Made Suit are great (and the TV show is not bad either). Men look more dapper in them, and regain a new sense of confidence, instilled by their latest “threads”.

But it can go horribly wrong and do just the opposite and enhance a dishevelled look. So now, you’ve just paid good money for your brand new suit, and you’re still not that perfect gent that GQ promised. Insert angry face emoticon!

So how do you get a good fitting suit? The simple answer is, you have to go for a tailor made suit!

Yes, you can argue that I do just fine with my altered off-the-rack suit. But do you really?

There is nothing like a well tailor made Suit that is truly hand crafted to your unique body style and size. See the image below, that has been exaggerated (and obviously replicated from the internet) to support author’s claim that you do need that Tailor Made Suit!

Before and After of a Custom Made Suit. True Story!

Don’t just take our word for it. We encourage you to do a quick Google search. You will find countless article advising the same.

Google Screen Shot
Google knows Style. And yes the other stuff is important too…


Below is another borrowed visual guidelines from our friends at illustrating how your suit should fit. And chances are the suit you’re wearing does not fit this way…


Good fitting suit


An off-the-rack suit may be altered to your size, but there will always be certain parts that is lacking, often adjusting and accounting only for length, while “making do” with the torso.

Now that you agree on the importance of a well tailored suit, let’s move on to other issues preventing you from looking like that well dressed gentleman on GQ that you’ve been following for so long.

But my off-the-rack suit is cheaper and I simply do not have the time to go to a Tailor to get measured“, you often say.

Yes, custom-made suits, or tailor made suit are well known for their price tag.

The Noble House: Kiton

But fortunate for the fashion world, we now live in an age of online shopping. And boy what a world it is – from noble brand house to generic models, you are able to buy products to your liking at a discount.

But what if we could go one step further and offer a fashion model that not only offers some of the most attractive prices for tailor-made clothing, but also allows you to self customise, and measure your own suit? All for less than $199? Talk about killing two birds with one stone, eh?

Sure, that’s a great idea, but it must be a case of too good to be true. Well not for our brand Based on over 40 years of tailoring experience, and currently a third generation tailor, our humble establishment has now grown to house over 400 skilled tailors, and is continuing to innovate the tailoring world by offering simple solutions to online self tailoring.

As the World’s Leading Online Tailor, with over 210,000 customers served, and the Highest Ranked Tailor, we are a testament that Quality Tailor Made Suit can be self designed online, and does not have to cost thousands of dollars. Thus solving the key problem of a) saving time on getting measured b) affordable tailor made suit that fits!

TrustPilot Review
Highest Ranked Tailor on!


So to summarise, the main reasons to own a Custom Made Suit are:

1. The Fit – If you had to break it down to one reason, this would be the only that mattered. It is better to have a lower quality fabric (not that we are endorsing this), in a suit that is Made-To-Measure, than buy thousands of dollars worth of off-the-rack purchases that does not fit well.

iTailor Collection - Custom Dress Shirts
Be your own Tailor. Choose Your Body Measurement on


Screen Shot 2559-07-27 at 5.12.01 PM
Easy Instruction to Measure yourself online!


2. The Style – if you are going custom, you might as well make your suit truly yours. This means opting for the best fabrics, the best construction, and personalising your suit to your liking. These options should include the ability to personalise both the interior of the jacket as well as the exterior of the jacket. has the Largest Premium Wool Fabric Collection Online!

You should be able to opt for contrast selections that matches the latest fashion, or choose lining colours that are bold or conservative to match your personality. In addition, you should also be able to add your own special monograms that really puts the finishing touch on a truly custom-made or tailor-made suit.

Custom Tuxedo Designs
A Few Of The Design Options On Our Custom tailor made suit and Tuxedos. Statistics prove that we offer Millions of Design possibilities!


Men's Custom Suit Monogram
Men’s tailor made Suit Design Options (Piping & Monogram). Suits that suit your character!

3. The Price – There used to be only 2 reasons for owning a Tailor Made Suit; The Fit and The Style. But now we can feature pricing into the equation, because with our revolutionary state-of-the-art pattern algorithms derived from Saville Row, combined with our innovative real-time online 3D Designer, we leave the designing to you, at prices you can afford. This concept, dubbed affordable luxury, allows you to create your own bespoke products at prices that match, if not better than off-the-rack purchases, or high priced tailor establishments. We also guarantee that we offer the best tailor-made prices online, without charging extra for designing details such as contrasts or monograms.

So how exactly do we make $1,000 dollar suits at $159. Stay tuned to find out more in our next blogs as we explore this topic as well as our upcoming topics on What to look for in a Tailor Made Suit. Feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll get back to you ASAP! Happy Designing.

3 Steps to Creating the Perfect Custom Shirt for Summer!

Summer 2016 is in Full Swing. The Sun is out and the pool and beaches are beckoning. The most anticipated season of the year brings with it a minimalist Fashion sense that is easy to don with our step-by-step guide to creating your perfect custom shirt…

When it comes to Summer Fashion, or any other season for that matter, there are three main ingredients to consider for any article of clothing (i.e Custom Shirt / Pants / Jacket) for a successful fashion recipe (pardon the cooking puns!)

The Key Elements are Color, Fabric and Style

Step 1: Pick a Pastel Color

The Golden Rule For Summer Fashion is you can never go wrong with Pastel!

But what exactly are Pastel Shades?

Without going into the technicalities of spectrum, Pastel colors are Bright Colors that have a Soft Look. For Example the Baby Pink color below…

Pastel Shirt 1 – the World’s Leading Online Tailor, offers you over 30 shades of Pastel Shades to choose from – a One-Stop Shop to collect all your Pastel Colors. Furthermore, you can view the designs and shades in Real Time!


Why Pastel?

As mentioned earlier, pastel shades are bright in color. Scientifically speaking, the light colors will reflect the heat of the summer sun, thus keeping you cool. But because of their Soft tone, Pastel colors are very appealing to the eyes, especially in glaring, bright sunlight.

Pastel Custom Shirt are also highly adaptive – they pair perfectly well with lighter colored shorts as well as darker denim jeans, which allows you to wear them casually during the day, as well as for more formal summer events in the evenings.

Fan of White

I love white custom shirt but does White fall into the Pastel equation? Maybe, maybe not. Does it matter? Not really.

I’m a fan of white shirts because of their versatility in fashion. I can opt for a buttoned down, long-sleeve custom shirt to adorn formally with suit and tie for work. AND I can choose to wear the same shirt as an open collar, with sleeves rolled up for more relaxed occasions. The latter is an ideal option for Summer fashion as well.

Many may frown upon the idea of mixing crisp white working shirts as leisure wear. Firstly there is the worry that the shirt may be excessively worn out or crease relentlessly in odd places, rendering it inappropriate for work. Secondly, when worn casually, a plain white shirt may be deemed too boring on its own.

I on the other hand have simple solutions to both these issues, which are explored in the next steps

Step 2: Choosing the Right Fabric.

We are increasingly heading into the Fashion age where ‘there is no certain wrong or right.’ Anything goes! Just pause and reflect on the modern Fashion sense on your local commute to work in the subway (or tram? flight?). You’re as likely to be seated next to a person who’s dressed up in the latest GQ Suit Style, or someone who’s in the latest trend of Hoodie, Tee and Jeans.

However, when it comes to Summer Custom Shirt Fabrics there are only 2 acceptable Fabrics. Cotton and Linen.

Logically, these are the only two options because of their “breathable” properties, allowing your body to naturally ventilate in the summer heat. only offers 100% cotton that are of the finest grade, as testament by their world’s largest customer turnover rate, as well as their highest ranked status on Truspilot.

White Shirt Designer


The cotton selection offered is easy care, which makes it ideal to be used as both formal and informal wear.

Step 3: Style it! Add Contrasts and Roll-Up Sleeves.

Alright I’ve selected my pastel shade (Pink), and it’s in 100% pure cotton. Now how do I eliminate the “plain old boring look”?

If you buy off the rack, then you’re probably stuck with the Plain Old Boring Look. So Go Custom!

Pastel Shirt 2

Here are simple ways to spice up your Pastel (or White) Shirts.

  1. Add Contrasts – Add contrasts to the cuff and collar. Inside contrasts (in Paisley or Patterned Cottons) are highly recommend for White Shirts.
  2. Roll-Up Sleeve – Because it is the Quintessential Summer Custom Shirt Style.
  3. Tri-Tab Bottom – So you can wear the Custom Shirt casually un-tucked.
  4. Personalise – Add a monogram at the bottom of the placket or on the cuff to exude confidence and attention to detail.

Now go be the Bond of your Summer!



Custom Suits That Don’t Break The Bank

When you hear the term “Custom Made” or “Tailor Made” a certain thought of exceptional quality comes to mind. You’re filled with the sensation that whatever is being made in this manner will be exactly as you want it to be and it will be the best that it could be.

Unfortunately there has always been a premium that comes with such craftsmanship. Many always use the old adage “you get what you pay for” when it comes to premium pricing on premium products. In many instances those people are usually correct. Personally speaking,  I wouldn’t want to save money on my mattress or bed comforter nor the safety & reliability of the vehicle I am in that guards my life every day. But that’s me and I would pay what is needed to ensure my happiness. The same could also be applied to specific things like the brake system on a mountain bike, or vitamins & supplements. Cut corners on the brakes and you won’t be cutting many corners on that bike, go for the cheaper and easier found bottle of vitamin C and you’re probably getting artificial colors, fillers, and other toxins when your goal was to help your health.

But this is exactly where we turn the tables and do the unthinkable, we offer the premium hand made craftsmanship and we offer it at a price that makes all our custom made suits affordable to anyone. We don’t believe custom made goods are only for the elite, we believe everyone should have the ability to afford custom made suits, shirts, coats, etc.

Setting The Standard For Custom Suits Online

iTailor sets a new standard regarding this concept; we provide an extremely high level of quality craftsmanship with our custom made garments for a price that is simply unmatched across the globe. Every day we receive hundreds of orders for our custom suits, and those suits whether they be linen, our wool blend, chino, or any other suit fabric are made with exacting detail and absolute precision. It’s not enough for us to offer something as revolutionary as custom suits online, we want to continue to be the world’s largest factory-direct custom made clothing brand in the world. We know that through our continued pursuit of excellence, in quality and service, and our philosophy of offering the best price on the internet at the best quality we are continuing to do just that – as testament by our ranking as the World’s Highest Ranked Tailor by


Today suits are all over the place; you can find them in store fronts downtown, in department stores, and online. Now in past when people spoke about custom suits it was only because some big shot CEO, movie star, or professional athlete was the subject of the discussion. That’s because custom made suits are commonly known to cost in the thousands when created by great tailors in great cities. That’s where we come in, with nearly 45 years of custom tailoring experience we’ve been suiting the world in custom threads since 1971. Furthermore our company has had one goal since conception; consistently strive to produce the world’s highest quality custom made clothing at the most affordable price around the world. When it comes to our custom suits the story is no different and possibly even more important as men’s custom made suits are one of the world’s most sold custom made goods. Our price is not the only benefit, don’t forget our suits are custom fitted, but they’re also custom designed by Y O U. Our site literally is comprised of millions of different design options from our custom shirts and suits, tuxedos, overcoats, shoes, and more. We believe, if style is personal then why shouldn’t you be able to design your own? So we make certain our sites “design – ability” is second to none with more options than one could imagine.

Our Unprecedented Pricing

Just like the clothing we make, our pricing truly turns heads and many people can’t even believe the prices our suits go for. In the United States alone you can’t even find a ready-made/off the rack suit for $159, but guess what our entry level suit of the week sells for every single week?

$159, you guessed it.


We also have 100% cotton chino suits for those looking for a more relaxed and laid back look for only $199. Our newest collection of extremely modern colors and fabrics can be found for only $239, and gentlemen this is a custom, handmade suit, people are going to think you went to NYC to have this thing constructed.

Last but certainly not least is my favorite and what any men’s style blogs will tell you is an absolute must have; the timeless three piece suit. These suits range from $269 – $329 depending on the choice of fabric. These are custom three piece suits for less than $500, hell they’re less than $350! Don’t be the last guy on the planet to know us, test us, love us, and spread the word to your friends. Many will wonder how these prices are even possible, the answer is simple; we are the world’s largest factory-direct custom clothing brand. That means the suits are made here and sent directly to you. Every single step is done in–house, the fabric is ours and we cut it precisely to your given measurements. We then fuse it, steam it and press it, pack it, and then off it ships to you. Most businesses have a few other stages in their procedure with other companies, aka “middle-men”, this of course drives up your end cost. We on the other hand sell straight to the buyer. That is what factory direct means and why our price is the lowest guaranteed price for a custom suit and any custom clothing we produce in the world. Why spend thousands when you can spend hundreds for excellent fabric quality, nearly 45 years of knowledge, experience, and master tailors making your tailor made suits!

That’s it for this week, if you liked what you read or have any questions please feel free to let us know and comment below! If you’d like to design your own custom suits from nearly 220 fabric options click here and start designing your men’s custom suits today! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below for free company updates and our weekly sales on men’s custom shirts, suits, luxury designer shoes, and more!

Three Piece Suits – Top 3 Advantages!

If you follow our blog or our social media channels, you will notice that we often speak about Men’s 3-Piece Suits. The reason behind this is quite simple – if you’re a “dapper gent” or striving to be one, this is undoubtedly a classic and timeless suit you need in your closet (If not a few). This article focuses on the top three advantages to wearing a well tailored three piece suit.


If you have ever worn a three piece suit you can certainly attest to this, but even if you haven’t yet you will see just how logical this fact is. The feel of three piece suits compared to that of a two piece simply differs due to, “ta-da”, the third piece. The waistcoat aka known as the vest is an extremely integral part of the success for all three piece suits. It is absolutely imperative to have your vest well-tailored so that it contours to your body perfectly. The feel you have from this is just being more held in place or more held together. Gents, think of when you hit that baseball diamond or the football field with, or without your jock. That’s the difference in feel. It also has a slimming affect even though its an extra layer, and shows a strong balance of fabric from your shoulders to your shoes. Our custom made three piece suits are available in over 220 different fabric options, so whether you’re looking for some glen check, pencil stripes, herringbone, or solids, we’ve got you covered. Finally it is important to think about how it would actually make YOU feel, personally. When you unbutton your jacket (single breasted) as you take a seat, you’re still buttoned up (your vest/waistcoat) which still gives you that distinguished look, you don’t need to worry about how tightly tucked your shirt is, your vest handles it for you. When you stand and your hands are on your hips or in your pockets and your jacket flaps are back again, you still appear suited up and in charge. These are undoubtedly some of the subtle but impacting style marks you make wearing your three piece suits. You remain put together at all times.


Three Piece Suits - iTailor



Now when it comes to the fit of a three piece suit the major focus needs to be the waistcoat/vest. It should slide down the sides of your body sleek with no protrusions, lumps, or anything else. Make sure it’s still breathable and comfortable and tailored properly, it shouldn’t act like a corset it should be a well-tailored vest. One very important aspect to the fit that also plays into your overall style with this piece is the collar type you choose for your vest. We currently offer the regular open v-neck, notch, peak, and shawl lapel options for our custom made vests with all our three piece suits. Personally I think different styles work for different reasons, if you’re looking to wear the vest alone at times then I would promote getting one with lapels, but if you plan to use it solely with the suit more of the time than you can certainly go without. Collars and lapels help to define a man’s face, whether they’re on a shirt, suit jacket or a vest and if you wear this vest alone with no jacket lapels then you should have some on your vest to help define your face. Since the fit of most three piece suits are a bit more snug especially around the belt line belts with this suit are not entirely needed and can make you look a bit puffy around your waistline. (The choice is yours) Remember these intricacies regarding the fit of your three piece suits and you will have your suit the suit among suits.


When it comes to what statement this suit makes, or even better yet what you can do with it, where you can wear it or even how you can wear it, the options are plentiful. Three piece suits give every man the the following options: You can wear the vest alone with a button down and jeans, you can wear the vest with another two piece suit as long as the colors and fabrics are complementing each other, you can wear the suit as a two piece and leave the vest at home, you can also (my personal favorite) wear it with a pair of jeans and a blazer, you can wear it to the office, events, and formal events. You can also wear this suit with or without a tie, the only thing I would mention is to always keep it buttoned otherwise the slimming and proper gentleman persona it provides will slip away. When it comes to three piece suits, or any suits for that matter there are some very specific style rules each man must know. See our list of the top 15 rules now. Follow these tips and insights and you will also have the top three advantages to your three piece suits nailed.

That’s it for this week, if you liked what you read or have any questions please feel free to let us know and comment below! If you’d like to design your own custom three piece suits from nearly 220 fabric options click here and start designing your men’s custom suits today! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below for free company updates and our weekly sales on men’s custom suits, shirts, luxury designer shoes, and more!

Custom Made Suits Quiz – Show What You Know

Think back, way back to the days when you loved math class and you thought gym class was just…super boring, when you would rather be in the student council than be on prom court, and when you longed for pop quizzes or any test for that matter. Wait, you say none of those apply? Well honestly we didn’t think they would either but we have a quiz for you, and not just any quiz, this quiz is solely about custom made suits here at iTailor. Trust us when we say we didn’t create this to stump any one, more so as a guide and to provide a few helpful hints as you decide which custom made suits you will design and how. So without any more reminiscing on how much you miss school days, let’s get into our quiz on custom made suits.


Custom Made Suits – True/False

1) iTailor’s custom made suits are the lowest priced custom suits online, and around the globe?

2) iTailor offers single and double breasted custom made suits that incorporate functional buttons, 9 different design options for pants pockets, and jackets with the choice of one to six buttons.

3) iTailor currently has nearly 300 fabric options to design your custom made suits from.



Custom Made Suits – Multiple Choice

4) iTailor has a new premium wool blend fabric option for its custom made suits. The price on this premium fabric is..?

a) $239    b)$219    c) $199     d)$249


5) How many fabric options are available in the “new collection” premium wool blend for our custom made suits?

a)99         b)91        c)111        d)92


6) iTailor has been in the tailoring business and constructing custom made suits since..?

a)1999     b)2001    c)1971      d)1985



Custom Made Suits – Brief Essay(Very Brief)

7) When it comes to custom made suits there are many facets of the suiting that can be talked about; from monogramming and elbow patches to lapel size and style to the angle or style of your jacket and pants pockets. We would like to know what your favorite part of our custom made suits might be? Is it a specific design option? The price? The experience behind our craftsmanship? Maybe something very specific to you..



Please take a quick minute and let us know your answers below in the comments, don’t be shy we will reply : ) And you can make it easy on yourself and write your answers just like this if you wish (Example: TFT, abb, the consistent upgrading of fabric choices)


That’s it for this week, be sure to come back next week and get the answers to our quiz and see how well you did. Don’t forget If you liked what you read or have any questions please feel free to let us know and comment below! If you’d like to design your own custom made suit from nearly 300 fabric options click here and start designing your men’s suits today! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below for free company updates and our weekly sales on custom made suits, shirts, luxury designer shoes, and more!

Men’s Custom Suits | The Benefits

Since conception iTailor has had one perpetual goal; to consistently strive to produce the world’s highest quality custom made clothing at the most affordable prices! Our commitment to excellence, with over 45 years of bespoke traditions, has led us to be the World’s Leading Online tailor. As experts to all things related to custom-made clothing we are here to inform you why men’s custom suits don’t cost anywhere near what you think, why off the rack suits often don’t “just cut it”, and why our men’s custom suit quality is second to none. You will actually love owning custom made suits once you know more, so let’s get started!

There are countless ways to address this but we are going to map it out in what we feel is the most beneficial. Here’s why having a custom suit is much less expensive than you thought, a much better option than “off the rack suits”, and finally why you want it done by iTailor.

The first thing that probably comes to your mind when someone says “men’s custom suits” is the price tag. I know it might be extremely difficult to believe but our men’s custom suits, which are exquisitely hand-tailored, range from only $159-$329! These are high quality custom tailored fabrics specifically cut for your body from raw fabric, and at a price still less than many off the rack suits. Now, how can we offer these prices, whilst maintaining bespoke standards? Well, simply because, iTailor is the world’s largest factory-direct custom clothing brand. What does that mean? That means the suits are made here and shipped directly to you. Every single step is done in–house, the fabric is ours and we cut it specifically to your given measurements. Fuse it, steam and press it, pack it, and then off it ships to you. Most companies have a few other steps in their process with other companies, aka “middle-men” this of course drives your end cost. We on the other hand sell directly to the consumer. That is what factory direct means and why our price is the lowest guaranteed price for a custom suit and any custom clothing we produce in the world. Why spend thousands when you can spend hundreds for excellent fabric quality, nearly 45 years of experience, and certified master tailors making your tailor made suits?

Next let’s talk about the main reason custom suits are superior. Think for a second or two what the words “custom” and “fit” mean separately. Now think of their meaning together. That is why men’s suits that are custom fitted have a superior fit. You could be one who might think men’s suits that are “off the rack” are fine, and that’s OK you’re entitled to that thought. Unfortunately, we also know you’ve never tried a custom made suit. Trust us when we say if there wasn’t a very refined level of suiting in custom made suits we wouldn’t be able to sustain business since 1971. But lucky for us, and you, there is. So trust us on this one.  Whether you’re looking for a less baggy pant leg, more room in your seat, or want tighter fitting cuffs, everything is able to be custom designed with custom measurements. We are so certain that you will love your custom suit that we have the industry’s only (Global Guarantee). In short,  if you’re not happy with it, a full refund is issued. It’s as simple as that. We don’t want our customers purchasing what they wouldn’t wear.

When it comes to a men’s suit off the rack there isn’t much you can do regarding its design. The lapel style is what you get, the pattern or fabric it has is what you get, and unfortunately fellas the list continues. Our men’s custom suits design options are almost limitless. We have nearly 300 fabric and pattern options (way more than you will find in any department store/tailor shop), we let you choose whether you want peak, notch, rounded notch, or shawl lapels, pocket placement, pocket angles, the cut on the bottom of your jacket, the number of sleeve buttons (functional buttons), back vents, pant styles like slim, regular or flared, pleat style, belt loops, pant cuffs, contrast fabrics, monogramming and so much more. Your suits design is literally at your fingertips with us and these design options you cannot alter in any off the rack men’s suits, nor do many tailor shops offer the ability either. This is why we know our design options set the industry standard in men’s custom suits.

Men's Custom Suit - Burgundy
A Few Of Our Men’s Custom Suit Design Options (Pocket Contrast Fabrics)
Men's Custom Suit Monogram
Men’s Custom Suit Design Options (Piping & Monogram)

If you want to spend less of your hard earned money; look sharper than anyone in the office, at your friend’s wedding, church, or any event for that matter… Design your own suits step by step and have them custom cut/tailored for you… Have a company with nearly half a century of experience working for you, and have the opportunity to be dressed in fabrics no one in your city will have. You work hard, let your clothes work just as hard for you. Now you know the benefits: stretch your funds, and get the best fit, style, and fabric quality for the best price in the world.

If  you’re looking for more information please let us know in the comments below what further insights could help you. For nearly 45 years we’ve been constructing men’s custom suits, aka made to measure, bespoke, and tailor made suits. In that time we have seen trends come and go, but the one thing that remains the same is our love for what we do and who we do it for. It is said one cannot attain success in anything one is not passionate about; our passion is our customer. After all, without you we have nothing to customize. It starts and ends with you.



That’s it this week, if you liked what you read or have any questions please feel free to let us know and comment below! If you’d like to design your own custom suit from nearly 300 fabric options click here and start designing your men’s custom suits today! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below for free company updates and our weekly sales on men’s custom suits, shirts, luxury designer shoes, and more!