Do I really need a Tailor Made Suit?

We can all agree that Tailor Made Suit are great (and the TV show is not bad either). Men look more dapper in them, and regain a new sense of confidence, instilled by their latest “threads”.

But it can go horribly wrong and do just the opposite and enhance a dishevelled look. So now, you’ve just paid good money for your brand new suit, and you’re still not that perfect gent that GQ promised. Insert angry face emoticon!

So how do you get a good fitting suit? The simple answer is, you have to go for a tailor made suit!

Yes, you can argue that I do just fine with my altered off-the-rack suit. But do you really?

There is nothing like a well tailor made Suit that is truly hand crafted to your unique body style and size. See the image below, that has been exaggerated (and obviously replicated from the internet) to support author’s claim that you do need that Tailor Made Suit!

Before and After of a Custom Made Suit. True Story!

Don’t just take our word for it. We encourage you to do a quick Google search. You will find countless article advising the same.

Google Screen Shot
Google knows Style. And yes the other stuff is important too…


Below is another borrowed visual guidelines from our friends at illustrating how your suit should fit. And chances are the suit you’re wearing does not fit this way…


Good fitting suit


An off-the-rack suit may be altered to your size, but there will always be certain parts that is lacking, often adjusting and accounting only for length, while “making do” with the torso.

Now that you agree on the importance of a well tailored suit, let’s move on to other issues preventing you from looking like that well dressed gentleman on GQ that you’ve been following for so long.

But my off-the-rack suit is cheaper and I simply do not have the time to go to a Tailor to get measured“, you often say.

Yes, custom-made suits, or tailor made suit are well known for their price tag.

The Noble House: Kiton

But fortunate for the fashion world, we now live in an age of online shopping. And boy what a world it is – from noble brand house to generic models, you are able to buy products to your liking at a discount.

But what if we could go one step further and offer a fashion model that not only offers some of the most attractive prices for tailor-made clothing, but also allows you to self customise, and measure your own suit? All for less than $199? Talk about killing two birds with one stone, eh?

Sure, that’s a great idea, but it must be a case of too good to be true. Well not for our brand Based on over 40 years of tailoring experience, and currently a third generation tailor, our humble establishment has now grown to house over 400 skilled tailors, and is continuing to innovate the tailoring world by offering simple solutions to online self tailoring.

As the World’s Leading Online Tailor, with over 210,000 customers served, and the Highest Ranked Tailor, we are a testament that Quality Tailor Made Suit can be self designed online, and does not have to cost thousands of dollars. Thus solving the key problem of a) saving time on getting measured b) affordable tailor made suit that fits!

TrustPilot Review
Highest Ranked Tailor on!


So to summarise, the main reasons to own a Custom Made Suit are:

1. The Fit – If you had to break it down to one reason, this would be the only that mattered. It is better to have a lower quality fabric (not that we are endorsing this), in a suit that is Made-To-Measure, than buy thousands of dollars worth of off-the-rack purchases that does not fit well.

iTailor Collection - Custom Dress Shirts
Be your own Tailor. Choose Your Body Measurement on


Screen Shot 2559-07-27 at 5.12.01 PM
Easy Instruction to Measure yourself online!


2. The Style – if you are going custom, you might as well make your suit truly yours. This means opting for the best fabrics, the best construction, and personalising your suit to your liking. These options should include the ability to personalise both the interior of the jacket as well as the exterior of the jacket. has the Largest Premium Wool Fabric Collection Online!

You should be able to opt for contrast selections that matches the latest fashion, or choose lining colours that are bold or conservative to match your personality. In addition, you should also be able to add your own special monograms that really puts the finishing touch on a truly custom-made or tailor-made suit.

Custom Tuxedo Designs
A Few Of The Design Options On Our Custom tailor made suit and Tuxedos. Statistics prove that we offer Millions of Design possibilities!


Men's Custom Suit Monogram
Men’s tailor made Suit Design Options (Piping & Monogram). Suits that suit your character!

3. The Price – There used to be only 2 reasons for owning a Tailor Made Suit; The Fit and The Style. But now we can feature pricing into the equation, because with our revolutionary state-of-the-art pattern algorithms derived from Saville Row, combined with our innovative real-time online 3D Designer, we leave the designing to you, at prices you can afford. This concept, dubbed affordable luxury, allows you to create your own bespoke products at prices that match, if not better than off-the-rack purchases, or high priced tailor establishments. We also guarantee that we offer the best tailor-made prices online, without charging extra for designing details such as contrasts or monograms.

So how exactly do we make $1,000 dollar suits at $159. Stay tuned to find out more in our next blogs as we explore this topic as well as our upcoming topics on What to look for in a Tailor Made Suit. Feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll get back to you ASAP! Happy Designing.

15 Suit Style Tips Every Man Must Know about Tailor Made Suit

There are many unspoken rules every man must know when it comes to attaining a proper Tailor Made Suit. – The World’s Leading Online Tailor, with over 4 Decades, Spanning 3 Generations in the Tailoring industry, proudly presents the 15 Suit Style Tips Every Man Must Know.

Whether you’re the type to sport a suit every day or wear one occasionally for events from time to time, it’s not enough to simply buy off the rack and have length hemmed to “fit you”. If you’ve ever seen David Gandy or David Beckham in a suit you know the last time you wore a suit it probably didn’t look that tailored on you.

The word tailored or tailor-made, carries with it a certain perception of class and a high price-tag. And although this hold true traditionally, owing to the laborious craftsmanship involved in creating a masterpiece exclusively for you, we at have seamlessly combined I.T. and Art to revolutionize the Fashion Industry as Highlighted in the Video Below!


  •  The Highest Ranked Tailoring Brand on the internet –
  • The World’s Leading Online Tailoring Brand
  • Trusted Partners of the Hospitality Industry – Wynn, Venetian, MGM Properties


Contact our Dedicated Customer Service Team for more information at



Whilst, you may or may not be a David Beckham, you are able to look every bit the part, at a fraction of the cost, without sacrificing on Quality! Without further ado here is our

15 Suit Style Tips Every Man Must Know about Tailor Made Suit!

Some style tips are a bit more subtle and others more mainstream, some you can easily find in our Design Options for Tailor Made Suit. However, putting them all to good use is what will surface the results you’re looking for. So grab a sheet of paper or bookmark the link for this article, you won’t want to lose our suit style tips!

  1. If you’re the type of guy who lives a lifestyle where you only need one tailor made suit, make it a CHARCOAL COLORED SUIT. Some say this is even more proper for funerals than a black suit, but either way it’s a very versatile color and can be worn to a multitude of events for different occasions.
    We highly recommend the Charcoal Grey 3799-10 that has a Sharkskin Element to it. (contact our customer service representative for more information at
You can never go wrong with the Classics; Grey, Navy, Black
  • When it comes to tailor made suit Styles, one of the most important things to know and learn about is your Lapels. Know the different styles – Peak, Notch, Shawl – know what you like, what works for the suit your purchasing, and how they align with the collar style your shirt has and the size/width of your tie.
    As a rule of thumb, you can never go wrong with a Single-Breasted Two Button Notch Lapel Suit. For Double-Breasted Suits, opt for the Peak Lapel.


Screen Shot 2559-07-04 at 4.06.36 PM
(Real time designing of over a million fabric/design combinations on our Award Winning website

  • More on Lapels: Today’s Fashion are leaning towards thinner lapels – you are able to easily customize your lapel width by contacting our Customer Service representative at
    *Request a Top-Stitch – Our newest Complimentary Feature that allows you to feel like a million bucks with a Saville Row Swag!
  • The Tie. You can never go wrong with Tie Colors, so Show-Off your favorite color. It is also a good idea to have the basic, Black, Grey, Red, Blue in stock!
  • The Width of your Tie, and the Width of your Suit Lapels, should be Porportionate
  • Your Tie should hang right at the belt line. Not above it or below it. You are able to customize and order ties here!

    Screen Shot 2559-07-04 at 4.17.46 PM
    Get Your Custom-Tie (Monogrammed and Trimmed)!
  • The Pant Problem: Buying off-the-rack Pants may leave you short-changed – literally, as some pants may fit your waist but are too short in length or vice versa; too long requiring hemming. A decent pair of tailored pants, that covers your socks while seated is a must for any respectable gent – even if paired casually with a Polo T-Shirt or Dress Shirt.
    With our Custom-Pants Designer you are able to get your Pants Made-To-Measure!


Screen Shot 2559-07-04 at 4.27.52 PM

  • Patterned Suits. offers you the largest collection of fabrics online, which includes some of the most varied range of Patterned or Striped fabric ranges. Patterned Suits are great for semi-formal occasions, and look distinguished when designed as a double-breasted piece. Pair the Double Breasted Jacket, with a solid color Pants to complete the laissez-faire look!
  • Double Breasted Suit Styles can get tricky, but you want to always remember two things; never wear the jacket unbuttoned, and when you’re wearing a 6 button (2 functional button) jacket, only button the top functional button.
  • Know whether your jacket is a No vent, Single vent or Double vent, know what you prefer and know why. No Vent and Single Vent will have maintain the shape of the jacket, at the expense of mobility – it is recommended for Thinner torsos. Double Vents on the other hand allows for increased mobility, and recommended for Big and Tall individuals.Suit Vents
  • Golden Rule: Always unbutton your suit when seated 🙂
  • Your Shirt Cuffs should always show about 1/4 to 1/2 past the length of your jacket cuff.How Shirt Cuffs Should Show
  • The Modern Suit is acceptably worn as an open-collar. Therefore, when wearing a Suit without a Tie, the shirt-collar must be on point! iTailor shirts offers you unlimited designing options when it comes to shirt collars and contrasts – with complimentary collar slots for collar stays even. We recommend our signature Italian Collar as the smartest collar style to be worn as an open-collar attire sans tie.
  • Whether you you’re sitting, standing, or walking your pants should always be comfortable to you. You should also always be able to fit one finger in your waistband.
  • With single breasted suit style you want to make sure that you only ever button the top button of a 2 button suit, and the middle button on a 3 button suit. How Not To Button A SuitFor even more information we suggest taking a look at GQ’s Guide To Suits as they go into great detail regarding men’s suit style.


We hope you have enjoyed our section on suit styles, why not test one out for yourself now from the World’s Leading Tailoring Company.


Contact our Customer Service Today for Special 20% Discount and Free Express Shipping – Delivery in 3 Weeks:
Write to
Subject: iTailor Blog

  • The Highest Ranked Tailoring Brand on the internet –
  • The World’s Leading Online Tailoring Brand
  • Trusted Partners of the Hospitality Industry – Wynn, Venetian, MGM Properties


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Custom Made Suits Quiz – Show What You Know

Think back, way back to the days when you loved math class and you thought gym class was just…super boring, when you would rather be in the student council than be on prom court, and when you longed for pop quizzes or any test for that matter. Wait, you say none of those apply? Well honestly we didn’t think they would either but we have a quiz for you, and not just any quiz, this quiz is solely about custom made suits here at iTailor. Trust us when we say we didn’t create this to stump any one, more so as a guide and to provide a few helpful hints as you decide which custom made suits you will design and how. So without any more reminiscing on how much you miss school days, let’s get into our quiz on custom made suits.


Custom Made Suits – True/False

1) iTailor’s custom made suits are the lowest priced custom suits online, and around the globe?

2) iTailor offers single and double breasted custom made suits that incorporate functional buttons, 9 different design options for pants pockets, and jackets with the choice of one to six buttons.

3) iTailor currently has nearly 300 fabric options to design your custom made suits from.



Custom Made Suits – Multiple Choice

4) iTailor has a new premium wool blend fabric option for its custom made suits. The price on this premium fabric is..?

a) $239    b)$219    c) $199     d)$249


5) How many fabric options are available in the “new collection” premium wool blend for our custom made suits?

a)99         b)91        c)111        d)92


6) iTailor has been in the tailoring business and constructing custom made suits since..?

a)1999     b)2001    c)1971      d)1985



Custom Made Suits – Brief Essay(Very Brief)

7) When it comes to custom made suits there are many facets of the suiting that can be talked about; from monogramming and elbow patches to lapel size and style to the angle or style of your jacket and pants pockets. We would like to know what your favorite part of our custom made suits might be? Is it a specific design option? The price? The experience behind our craftsmanship? Maybe something very specific to you..



Please take a quick minute and let us know your answers below in the comments, don’t be shy we will reply : ) And you can make it easy on yourself and write your answers just like this if you wish (Example: TFT, abb, the consistent upgrading of fabric choices)


That’s it for this week, be sure to come back next week and get the answers to our quiz and see how well you did. Don’t forget If you liked what you read or have any questions please feel free to let us know and comment below! If you’d like to design your own custom made suit from nearly 300 fabric options click here and start designing your men’s suits today! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below for free company updates and our weekly sales on custom made suits, shirts, luxury designer shoes, and more!

Men’s Suit Patterns – Top 10 Suit Patterns Pt. 2

So last week we kicked off the Top 10 Men’s Suit Patterns list and here we are, part two and the final five of the countdown. But before we get into that I’d like to share a little story, something I see often but I am not sure if others do as well.. For the past few years now I have been wearing suits and blazers to work. Every time I have ever worn either it has always been with a purpose. I wanted to make a statement about who I am, what I am feeling, but most importantly what style I think looks good on me and that which I feel reflects who I am.

I have been fortunate to always receive positive feedback on the patterns, fabrics, fit, and more. I don’t know if this is truly the case for the masses but I honestly believe it should be, and here’s why; One thing I want to strongly impart is that style is personal. You can read the articles and magazine trends over and over, but if the styles don’t appeal to you then they don’t appeal to you and that’s OK! There are multitudes of men’s suit patterns to choose from and that choice should be solely up to you. Choose what will make you feel good, look good, and what you feel happy wearing. No matter how loud, casual, traditional, classic, or modern it may be just be you and let your style speak for itself. I believe doing so will ultimately surface the benefits you’re looking for.

That Said, this week we countdown our Top 5 Men’s Suit Patterns that have been selected by Popularity – from the World’s Leading Online Tailor –


Houndstooth Suit Pattern - iTailor
Houndstooth Men’s Suit Pattern

5 ) Men’s Suit Patterns – Top 10 – Houndstooth

Now this one is certainly a head turner when it comes to men’s suit patterns, it is however much more common on suit jackets and blazers than full suits. It as well as many other suit patterns originated in Scotland, and back in the 1800’s it was worn mostly by shepherds. It is usually made from wool and tweed fabrics and predominantly produced in black and white. In the 1930’s this among a few other men’s suit patterns were considered to be worn by the upper classes as a symbol of wealth. This is a pattern you would only want to sport to casual events like a date, parties, a night out on the town or anything similar.

Birdseye Suit Pattern - iTailor
Birdseye Men’s Suit Pattern

4 ) Men’s Suit Patterns – Top 10 – Birdseye

Sometimes mistaken as a solid suit, this mini pattern is actually the make up of tiny dots that are usually a lighter color on a darker fabric or background. These suits can usually be substituted for any solid suits and can be worn to work, or other casual events. This suit pattern works very well for most occasions when coupled with the right colors. We wouldn’t recommend wearing this suit to any formal event.

Windowpane Suit Pattern - iTailor
Windowpane Men’s Suit Pattern

3) Men’s Suit Patterns – Top 10 – Windowpane

The windowpane suit pattern is a very bold and usually loud pattern, somewhat similar to chalk stripes but with horizontal lines. Normally worn by very confident men wanting to show off a bit of extra style and shine among the masses. This is generally seen more so in blazers and suit jackets than in full suits. This suit pattern is commonly worn in more casual settings like parties, events, or a night out on the town. This is not the suit you would wear to a job interview or a somber event like a funeral. The great thing about this pattern is it appeals to all body types; it surfaces a slimmer look for more larger men and actually appears to make most slimmer men a bit more broad and built. Due to this, we would say it is a must have for every man.

Herringbone Suit Pattern - iTailor
Herringbone Men’s Suit Pattern

2) Men’s Suit Patterns – Top 10 – Herringbone 

The herringbone suit pattern is more commonly found in heavier fabrics like tweed and predominantly worn in colder climates during the fall and winter months for those who have seasons. The name comes from the pattern itself which resembles the bone of a herring or many fish for that matter. This suit pattern can be worn to a multitude of places, whether it be work, a night out, parties, any casual atmosphere for the most part. This suit pattern actually originated in Rome which makes complete that it has such timeless appeal and style. You will find it produced mostly in black and grey, but there are many color combinations that differ just like the olive/brown color pictured above.

Pinstripe Suit Pattern - iTailor
Pinstripe Men’s Suit Pattern

 1) Men’s Suit Patterns – Top 10 – Pinstripes

And number one on our top 10 men’s suit patterns list is The Pinstripe. The most classic of all striped suits and predominantly found in the color white but can also be found in gray and beige. There are three main types of striped suits (Pinstripe, Pencil, and Chalk) Pinstripe being the most common and middle sized, pencil stripes are much more thin like that of a pencil line and chalk stripes much more thick. This sort of pattern helps men appear a bit taller and potentially thinner, but this suit works very well for any stature. This suit pattern can be worn to the office and certain events, but it is predominantly known as a suit for work.


That’s it for this week, we hope the past two weeks of information on men’s suit patterns will give you plenty of ammo as you design your own here from nearly 300 suit fabrics. Don’t forget If you liked what you read or have any questions please feel free to let us know and comment below! If you’re looking for more information on men’s suit patterns we suggest checking this out, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below for free company updates and our weekly sales on custom men’s suits, shirts, luxury designer shoes, and more!




Men’s Suit Patterns – Top 10 Suit Patterns Pt. 1

Now that you’re aware just how affordable customs suits can be, it’s time we start talking about the suit patterns you commonly see on men’s suits. When it comes to a suit, variety is crucial. Men’s suits can be worn to work, dinner parties, events, weddings, and much more. So having a good understanding of what suit fabrics work best for what events and for what type of weather is key.

Generally, Patterned Suits are ideally suited for more casual, informal events than Solid Color Suits. But, just like wine, everyone has a different palate, more so when it comes to style.


This week, we address, by popular census of our World’s Leading Tailor Made Platform – The Top Ten Suit Patterns for men’s suits today. The result of this selection is gauged by top purchases made on – The World’s Largest Online Tailor – an therefore an expert on Suits and other Custom-Made Products!


Glen Check Plaid Suit Pattern - iTailor
Glen Check Plaid Men’s Suit Pattern

10) Men’s Suit Patterns – Top 10 – Glen Check Plaid

Possibly the most common of all plaid suit patterns is the glen check plaid. This was originally known as the Glen Urquhart Plaid which stemmed from the valley in Scotland named “Glenurquhart” in Inverness-shire. Around 1926 is when the newer name of Glen Check Plaid surfaced which was made popular by the Duke of Windsor when he was Prince of Whales. It is probably the most produced of all plaid suit patterns today and due to its timeless history and it will probably remain so for quite some time.


Tartan Plaid Suit Pattern - iTailor
Tartan Plaid Men’s Suit Pattern

9) Men’s Suit Patterns – Top 10 – Tartan Plaid

Tartan plaid is a louder style of plaid suit pattern that usually encompasses multiple colors, those colors can be more earth-toned at times and then also less subdued as well. In America most tartan is called and known as just “plaid” but in Scotland a “tartan” cloth is usually an accessory for most kilts which is hung over the shoulder or on the bed as a blanket. This suit pattern also originates from Scotland where many plaid patterns were born.


Tartan Plaid Suit Pattern - iTailor
Graph Check Men’s Suit Pattern

 8) Men’s Suit Patterns – Top 10 – Graph Check

Unlike that of any custom dress shirt, the graph check men’s suit pattern is quite difficult to actually see. It is quite small and very intricate, most can sometimes be mistaken for solid color suits since their stitching is so close it’s hard to make out the check pattern. If you’re looking for suit patterns that are close to solid colors but with just a dash of something else, this would be our recommendation.


Chalk Stripe Suit Pattern - iTailor
Chalk Stripe Men’s Suit Pattern

7) Men’s Suit Patterns – Top 10 – Chalk Stripe

A little bit thicker than its extremely well known counter-part the pinstripe, the Chalk Stripe suit pattern boasts a strong demand for attention. It is usually the size most men are looking for in the pinstripe but don’t realize the pinstripe is a little less wide and a little less “in your face” if you will. However, while the pinstripe can be worn to certain formal events the chalk stripe is a bit too loud for such gatherings. The chalk stripe can come in multiple suit fabrics like wool or a wool/silk blends depending on the climate of where you live, you should give yourself choices.


Madras Plaid Suit Pattern - iTailor
Madras Plaid Men’s Suit Pattern

6) Men’s Suit Patterns – Top 10 – Madras Plaid

The madras plaid is one of the most well known and most commonly seen suit patterns that few know the name of. It originated from East India, and this pattern is usually quite soft in appearance. With dress shirts it is usually made up of many different colors. This style of plaid has been known to be a bit more on a the preppy side do to its relaxed and casual appearance. If you choose the right fabric this pattern can be used in many different seasons.

That’s it this week, be sure to come back next week and see part two where we reveal the top five suit patterns on this list. Don’t forget If you liked what you read or have any questions please feel free to let us know and comment below! If you’d like to design your own custom suit from nearly 300 fabric options click here and start designing your men’s suits today! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below for free company updates and our weekly sales on custom men’s suits, shirts, luxury designer shoes, and more!


Men’s Suits – Top 5 Timeless Styles

Looking for a new suit? Not sure what to invest in? We’ve all been there and when it comes to men’s suits there are so many options to choose from it can be overwhelming. Let us break it down and shed some light on the top 5 timeless styles that you will never go wrong with. We will also give you a little insight as to what to wear with that suit, and what type of man that suit fits best if necessary. The best part of this entire list is the fact you can design each of the below styles on our site. Shop and design from nearly 300 fabric options of men’s custom suits.

*If you have any of the below styles already, we suggest combining the styles. For example; you may have a navy suit but not a navy three piece suit, or you may have a plaid suit, but not a double breasted plaid suit. Let’s get started on iTailor’s list of men’s suits with timeless style. 

Men's Suits - iTailor Charcoal Suit

5) Men’s Suits – Timeless Styles – The Two Button Charcoal Suit

Number five on our list of top 5 men’s suits  with timeless style is The 2 Button Charcoal Suit. There are only so many places and events the men’s classic black suit is proper for. Adding this to your closet of men’s suits and style repertoire will allow you to mix this with a multitude custom dress shirts, ties, and more. This suit doesn’t really work best for any specific type but more so every man. We recommend wearing this with solid and patterned dress shirts, just be careful not to add patterned ties with patterned shirts.

Men's Suits - iTailor Plaid Suit

4) Men’s suits – Timeless Styles – The Plaid Suit

Number four on our list of top 5 men’s suits with timeless style is the plaid suit. Plaid suits you don’t always see every day which is precisely why you want in on this bad boy. It’s unique, memorable, and helps you stand out. The good thing about plaid suits is they are year round favorites. You can always find brighter patterns for the warmer months and darker ones for the colder months. See our plaid collection of men’s suits today. Since the suit pattern on plaid suits are usually quite busy we recommend keeping your custom dress shirts solid, and be certain your tie patterns complement this suit properly.

Men's Suits - iTailor Double Breasted Suit

3) Men’s Suits – Timeless Styles – The Double Breasted Suit

Number three on our list of top 5 men’s suits with timeless style is the double breasted suit. This absolutely ageless sensation has been around for longer than both you and I have been alive. But at any rate it has seen peaks and valleys of being “in-fashion”; the good thing is it doesn’t seem to ever go away which tells us it’s a surefire winner no matter what your age. This suit is ideal for taller and more slender or physically fit men. We recommend for a more modern appeal on this timeless piece to make certain this investment is a custom made suit, you want this as form fitting and slim as possible. One note that we must state is that you never are to wear the jacket unbuttoned, so take note. When it comes to pairings, we suggest wearing solid custom dress shirts and solid ties with this masterpiece of men’s suits.

Men's Suits - iTailor Three Piece Suit

2) Men’s Suits – Timeless Styles – The Three Piece Suit

Number two on our list of top 5 men’s suits with timeless style is the three piece suit. What can we say about the three piece suit, it’s dapper sophistication, it’s stand-alone style that won’t age, it’s on every style guide imaginable that pertains to men’s suits. It allows you to layer in the colder months, and keep a custom tailored appearance when your jacket is off as well. Our favorite aspect to the three piece suit is the vest/waistcoat does not always have to match the suit fabric, as long as it’s a complementing color you can find in the suit we say go for it. Your custom dress shirts can be patterned or solids, same goes for your ties just be careful on your patterns, be sure they complement, not clash.

Men's Suits - iTailor Navy Blue Suit

1) Men’s Suits – Timeless Styles – The Navy Blue Suit (Single or Two Button)

Number one on our list of top 5 men’s suits with timeless style is the navy blue suit. Whether you opt for Single Button, or Two Button, this suit simply can be worn to just about anything, anytime, for any reason, all year round. Think, weddings, work, dates, etc. It can be easily paired with a plethora of custom dress shirt options (solids and patterns alike), and the same applies to ties. You can also wear this suit jacket with your favorite denim. It works well for all types of men and is always going on sale.


Keep these men’s suits in mind on your current quest for your next men’s custom suit. Also, remember it’s always beneficial to invest in style that will stay in style for years to come. For an even deeper look at timeless style see what GQ has to say and click here. That’s it for this week, if you liked what you read or have any questions please feel free to let us know and comment below! If you’d like to design your own custom suit from nearly 300 fabric options click here and start designing your men’s custom suits today! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below for free company updates and our weekly sales on men’s custom suits, shirts, luxury designer shoes, and more!

Men’s Custom Suits | The Benefits

Since conception iTailor has had one perpetual goal; to consistently strive to produce the world’s highest quality custom made clothing at the most affordable prices! Our commitment to excellence, with over 45 years of bespoke traditions, has led us to be the World’s Leading Online tailor. As experts to all things related to custom-made clothing we are here to inform you why men’s custom suits don’t cost anywhere near what you think, why off the rack suits often don’t “just cut it”, and why our men’s custom suit quality is second to none. You will actually love owning custom made suits once you know more, so let’s get started!

There are countless ways to address this but we are going to map it out in what we feel is the most beneficial. Here’s why having a custom suit is much less expensive than you thought, a much better option than “off the rack suits”, and finally why you want it done by iTailor.

The first thing that probably comes to your mind when someone says “men’s custom suits” is the price tag. I know it might be extremely difficult to believe but our men’s custom suits, which are exquisitely hand-tailored, range from only $159-$329! These are high quality custom tailored fabrics specifically cut for your body from raw fabric, and at a price still less than many off the rack suits. Now, how can we offer these prices, whilst maintaining bespoke standards? Well, simply because, iTailor is the world’s largest factory-direct custom clothing brand. What does that mean? That means the suits are made here and shipped directly to you. Every single step is done in–house, the fabric is ours and we cut it specifically to your given measurements. Fuse it, steam and press it, pack it, and then off it ships to you. Most companies have a few other steps in their process with other companies, aka “middle-men” this of course drives your end cost. We on the other hand sell directly to the consumer. That is what factory direct means and why our price is the lowest guaranteed price for a custom suit and any custom clothing we produce in the world. Why spend thousands when you can spend hundreds for excellent fabric quality, nearly 45 years of experience, and certified master tailors making your tailor made suits?

Next let’s talk about the main reason custom suits are superior. Think for a second or two what the words “custom” and “fit” mean separately. Now think of their meaning together. That is why men’s suits that are custom fitted have a superior fit. You could be one who might think men’s suits that are “off the rack” are fine, and that’s OK you’re entitled to that thought. Unfortunately, we also know you’ve never tried a custom made suit. Trust us when we say if there wasn’t a very refined level of suiting in custom made suits we wouldn’t be able to sustain business since 1971. But lucky for us, and you, there is. So trust us on this one.  Whether you’re looking for a less baggy pant leg, more room in your seat, or want tighter fitting cuffs, everything is able to be custom designed with custom measurements. We are so certain that you will love your custom suit that we have the industry’s only (Global Guarantee). In short,  if you’re not happy with it, a full refund is issued. It’s as simple as that. We don’t want our customers purchasing what they wouldn’t wear.

When it comes to a men’s suit off the rack there isn’t much you can do regarding its design. The lapel style is what you get, the pattern or fabric it has is what you get, and unfortunately fellas the list continues. Our men’s custom suits design options are almost limitless. We have nearly 300 fabric and pattern options (way more than you will find in any department store/tailor shop), we let you choose whether you want peak, notch, rounded notch, or shawl lapels, pocket placement, pocket angles, the cut on the bottom of your jacket, the number of sleeve buttons (functional buttons), back vents, pant styles like slim, regular or flared, pleat style, belt loops, pant cuffs, contrast fabrics, monogramming and so much more. Your suits design is literally at your fingertips with us and these design options you cannot alter in any off the rack men’s suits, nor do many tailor shops offer the ability either. This is why we know our design options set the industry standard in men’s custom suits.

Men's Custom Suit - Burgundy
A Few Of Our Men’s Custom Suit Design Options (Pocket Contrast Fabrics)
Men's Custom Suit Monogram
Men’s Custom Suit Design Options (Piping & Monogram)

If you want to spend less of your hard earned money; look sharper than anyone in the office, at your friend’s wedding, church, or any event for that matter… Design your own suits step by step and have them custom cut/tailored for you… Have a company with nearly half a century of experience working for you, and have the opportunity to be dressed in fabrics no one in your city will have. You work hard, let your clothes work just as hard for you. Now you know the benefits: stretch your funds, and get the best fit, style, and fabric quality for the best price in the world.

If  you’re looking for more information please let us know in the comments below what further insights could help you. For nearly 45 years we’ve been constructing men’s custom suits, aka made to measure, bespoke, and tailor made suits. In that time we have seen trends come and go, but the one thing that remains the same is our love for what we do and who we do it for. It is said one cannot attain success in anything one is not passionate about; our passion is our customer. After all, without you we have nothing to customize. It starts and ends with you.



That’s it this week, if you liked what you read or have any questions please feel free to let us know and comment below! If you’d like to design your own custom suit from nearly 300 fabric options click here and start designing your men’s custom suits today! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below for free company updates and our weekly sales on men’s custom suits, shirts, luxury designer shoes, and more!


How To Properly Button Suit Jackets & Blazers

In today’s world we have single breasted suits & blazers that encompass one, two, three, and four buttons. (sometimes even more) We also, have double breasted suits that have many different button styles, especially with some being for show and others being functional. We completely understand style is personal, but when it comes to buttoning suit jackets the rules are just too simple to mess up and we want to show you what is proper. These are the only rules you’ll ever need when it comes to how to properly button your suit jackets and blazers.

 Single Breasted One Button Suit Jackets

There’s one button, you’ve already cut corners and made it as easy on yourself as you can 🙂 simply remember when you’re standing it should be buttoned up, and when you sit down be certain to unbutton it. If you leave it buttoned you can loosen the fabrics integrity and you’ll be uncomfortable just as well.

Single Breasted Two Button Suit Jackets

Probably the most modern and timeless style of men’s suit jackets, you will see this one often no matter where you are. The top button is the only button that should ever be fastened on this jacket. The same applies as above to when sitting down, keep your jacket unbuttoned when you sit.

Single Breasted Three Button Suit Jackets

These suit jackets are a bit less common in 2015 although you still see some people across the nation and the globe staying true with them. When it comes to buttoning the three button it’s just a simple rule to remember, occasionally you can button the top, always button the middle, and the same applies here as with all lowest suit buttons.. never button it. When you sit down, well you should know by now. 🙂

Double Breasted Suit Jackets

These jackets have a different look and different set of rules. Some have just two buttons, four, six, or eight. At any rate, the proper way to go here is still quite simple; you can button them all with the exception of the bottom one, that should be left undone. However, when sitting in double breasted suit jackets you should not have it unbuttoned. Furthermore, you should never wear a double breasted jacket unbuttoned, ever.


That’s it, short, sweet, and right to the point this week gents. No frills or thrills, just straight up style advice to make your dapper self a bit more educated and slick. Keep in mind we offer single breasted suit jackets with one to four buttons and double breasted jackets with four or six buttons with one or two functional buttons (5 different styles). Be sure to bookmark this for the next time you’re stepping out and need a refresher course on how to button up! And don’t hesitate, if you liked what you read or have any questions please feel free to let us know and comment below! If you’d like to design your own custom suits from over 220 fabric options click here and start designing your men’s custom suits today! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below for free company updates and our weekly sales on men’s custom suits, shirts, luxury designer shoes, and more!