15 Suit Style Tips Every Man Must Know about Tailor Made Suit

There are many unspoken rules every man must know when it comes to attaining a proper Tailor Made Suit. iTailor.com – The World’s Leading Online Tailor, with over 4 Decades, Spanning 3 Generations in the Tailoring industry, proudly presents the 15 Suit Style Tips Every Man Must Know.

Whether you’re the type to sport a suit every day or wear one occasionally for events from time to time, it’s not enough to simply buy off the rack and have length hemmed to “fit you”. If you’ve ever seen David Gandy or David Beckham in a suit you know the last time you wore a suit it probably didn’t look that tailored on you.

The word tailored or tailor-made, carries with it a certain perception of class and a high price-tag. And although this hold true traditionally, owing to the laborious craftsmanship involved in creating a masterpiece exclusively for you, we at iTailor.com have seamlessly combined I.T. and Art to revolutionize the Fashion Industry as Highlighted in the Video Below!


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Whilst, you may or may not be a David Beckham, you are able to look every bit the part, at a fraction of the cost, without sacrificing on Quality! Without further ado here is our

15 Suit Style Tips Every Man Must Know about Tailor Made Suit!

Some style tips are a bit more subtle and others more mainstream, some you can easily find in our Design Options for Tailor Made Suit. However, putting them all to good use is what will surface the results you’re looking for. So grab a sheet of paper or bookmark the link for this article, you won’t want to lose our suit style tips!

  1. If you’re the type of guy who lives a lifestyle where you only need one tailor made suit, make it a CHARCOAL COLORED SUIT. Some say this is even more proper for funerals than a black suit, but either way it’s a very versatile color and can be worn to a multitude of events for different occasions.
    We highly recommend the Charcoal Grey 3799-10 that has a Sharkskin Element to it. (contact our customer service representative for more information at contact@itailor.com)
You can never go wrong with the Classics; Grey, Navy, Black
  • When it comes to tailor made suit Styles, one of the most important things to know and learn about is your Lapels. Know the different styles – Peak, Notch, Shawl – know what you like, what works for the suit your purchasing, and how they align with the collar style your shirt has and the size/width of your tie.
    As a rule of thumb, you can never go wrong with a Single-Breasted Two Button Notch Lapel Suit. For Double-Breasted Suits, opt for the Peak Lapel.


Screen Shot 2559-07-04 at 4.06.36 PM
(Real time designing of over a million fabric/design combinations on our Award Winning website www.itailor.com)

  • More on Lapels: Today’s Fashion are leaning towards thinner lapels – you are able to easily customize your lapel width by contacting our Customer Service representative at contact@itailor.com.
    *Request a Top-Stitch – Our newest Complimentary Feature that allows you to feel like a million bucks with a Saville Row Swag!
  • The Tie. You can never go wrong with Tie Colors, so Show-Off your favorite color. It is also a good idea to have the basic, Black, Grey, Red, Blue in stock!
  • The Width of your Tie, and the Width of your Suit Lapels, should be Porportionate
  • Your Tie should hang right at the belt line. Not above it or below it. You are able to customize and order ties here!

    Screen Shot 2559-07-04 at 4.17.46 PM
    Get Your Custom-Tie (Monogrammed and Trimmed)!
  • The Pant Problem: Buying off-the-rack Pants may leave you short-changed – literally, as some pants may fit your waist but are too short in length or vice versa; too long requiring hemming. A decent pair of tailored pants, that covers your socks while seated is a must for any respectable gent – even if paired casually with a Polo T-Shirt or Dress Shirt.
    With our Custom-Pants Designer you are able to get your Pants Made-To-Measure!


Screen Shot 2559-07-04 at 4.27.52 PM

  • Patterned Suits. iTailor.com offers you the largest collection of fabrics online, which includes some of the most varied range of Patterned or Striped fabric ranges. Patterned Suits are great for semi-formal occasions, and look distinguished when designed as a double-breasted piece. Pair the Double Breasted Jacket, with a solid color Pants to complete the laissez-faire look!
  • Double Breasted Suit Styles can get tricky, but you want to always remember two things; never wear the jacket unbuttoned, and when you’re wearing a 6 button (2 functional button) jacket, only button the top functional button.
  • Know whether your jacket is a No vent, Single vent or Double vent, know what you prefer and know why. No Vent and Single Vent will have maintain the shape of the jacket, at the expense of mobility – it is recommended for Thinner torsos. Double Vents on the other hand allows for increased mobility, and recommended for Big and Tall individuals.Suit Vents
  • Golden Rule: Always unbutton your suit when seated 🙂
  • Your Shirt Cuffs should always show about 1/4 to 1/2 past the length of your jacket cuff.How Shirt Cuffs Should Show
  • The Modern Suit is acceptably worn as an open-collar. Therefore, when wearing a Suit without a Tie, the shirt-collar must be on point! iTailor shirts offers you unlimited designing options when it comes to shirt collars and contrasts – with complimentary collar slots for collar stays even. We recommend our signature Italian Collar as the smartest collar style to be worn as an open-collar attire sans tie.
  • Whether you you’re sitting, standing, or walking your pants should always be comfortable to you. You should also always be able to fit one finger in your waistband.
  • With single breasted suit style you want to make sure that you only ever button the top button of a 2 button suit, and the middle button on a 3 button suit. How Not To Button A SuitFor even more information we suggest taking a look at GQ’s Guide To Suits as they go into great detail regarding men’s suit style.


We hope you have enjoyed our section on suit styles, why not test one out for yourself now from the World’s Leading Tailoring Company.


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  • The Highest Ranked Tailoring Brand on the internet – TrustPilot.com
  • The World’s Leading Online Tailoring Brand
  • Trusted Partners of the Hospitality Industry – Wynn, Venetian, MGM Properties


Contact our Dedicated Customer Service Team for more information at contact@itailor.com

How To Properly Button Suit Jackets & Blazers

In today’s world we have single breasted suits & blazers that encompass one, two, three, and four buttons. (sometimes even more) We also, have double breasted suits that have many different button styles, especially with some being for show and others being functional. We completely understand style is personal, but when it comes to buttoning suit jackets the rules are just too simple to mess up and we want to show you what is proper. These are the only rules you’ll ever need when it comes to how to properly button your suit jackets and blazers.

 Single Breasted One Button Suit Jackets

There’s one button, you’ve already cut corners and made it as easy on yourself as you can 🙂 simply remember when you’re standing it should be buttoned up, and when you sit down be certain to unbutton it. If you leave it buttoned you can loosen the fabrics integrity and you’ll be uncomfortable just as well.

Single Breasted Two Button Suit Jackets

Probably the most modern and timeless style of men’s suit jackets, you will see this one often no matter where you are. The top button is the only button that should ever be fastened on this jacket. The same applies as above to when sitting down, keep your jacket unbuttoned when you sit.

Single Breasted Three Button Suit Jackets

These suit jackets are a bit less common in 2015 although you still see some people across the nation and the globe staying true with them. When it comes to buttoning the three button it’s just a simple rule to remember, occasionally you can button the top, always button the middle, and the same applies here as with all lowest suit buttons.. never button it. When you sit down, well you should know by now. 🙂

Double Breasted Suit Jackets

These jackets have a different look and different set of rules. Some have just two buttons, four, six, or eight. At any rate, the proper way to go here is still quite simple; you can button them all with the exception of the bottom one, that should be left undone. However, when sitting in double breasted suit jackets you should not have it unbuttoned. Furthermore, you should never wear a double breasted jacket unbuttoned, ever.


That’s it, short, sweet, and right to the point this week gents. No frills or thrills, just straight up style advice to make your dapper self a bit more educated and slick. Keep in mind we offer single breasted suit jackets with one to four buttons and double breasted jackets with four or six buttons with one or two functional buttons (5 different styles). Be sure to bookmark this for the next time you’re stepping out and need a refresher course on how to button up! And don’t hesitate, if you liked what you read or have any questions please feel free to let us know and comment below! If you’d like to design your own custom suits from over 220 fabric options click here and start designing your men’s custom suits today! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below for free company updates and our weekly sales on men’s custom suits, shirts, luxury designer shoes, and more!