Why iTailor Shirt is worth 300$

Now With The New Upgrades

We are proud to offer all our customers truly

The very Best Tailored Shirts in the world with new improved tailoring and new fabrics upgrade on the site.

We Are Proud To Offer All Our Customers Truly

The very Best Tailored Shirts in the world with new improved tailoring and new fabrics upgrade on the site.

Now With The New Upgrades

Spi(Stitch Per Inch) & Collar Details “20/21 Stitches per inch this is super high end detail and takes a lot more time to tailor but benefits is clearly seen on the neatness of the shirt and It helps a lot more with durability and flexibility of the shirt also prevention of shrinkage.”


Crisp, Elegant Armhole Seams With No Crease This Special Armhole Craftmanship is a unique technique, only on iTailor Shirts!  The armhole seams on our shirt are ultimate, crisp and elegant. A lot of improvements have been achieved in the side seams with simple seam having a much lesser crease. This illustrates a high-end way of stitching by our expert and skilled tailors.


Side Seams Improvements Side seam improvements, Have a lot less crease with Single Seam (high-end way of stitching)


Collars And Cuffs The collars and cuffs are constructed by our tailors in such a manner that it seems way better incomparison to the norms. This means it is not too light and durable and stays intact even after an unlimited number of washes.


Extremely Fine Button Threads The extremely fine button threads are put to use in order to upgrade the feel to modern and at the same time impart it a classic and elegant look. The thread feels extremely soft to the button as well as to the undo.


Monogram/Initials Our luxury shirt making process offers you an option to have an entirely personalized monogram with the name embroidered on either the pocket chest waist or the cuff.

  • Block
  • Script
  • “two Font Options”

  • Chest
  • Pocket
  • Cuff
  • This is actually an epitome of our skilled craftsmen which is to quite hard to find anywhere else.


Colour Contrasts Picking up the most appropriate colour theme is an eminent part of the shirt design process. One of the most critical things to do is to choose is the colour contrast which imparts clarity to design and high lights the crucial design element as well. At our online tailoring firm, customers get a chance to match the desired colour fabric to the main shirt or the shirt planked within cuff and also inside the collar.

  • Contrast: Color Contrast in different fabrics and on limitless area of the shirt!

    We are the only e-tailoring company which offers unlimited design opportunities.

  • We Are Master Of Marking Shirts
  • Armhole is not too wide so its easier to move and look great
  • The length of the Shirt will be right for you longer tale so shirts stay tucked
  • There won’t be excess fabric around your body:example
  • Back darts reduce the fabric and give more shape to the body
  • SPI decrease buckling and much neat and elegant look
  • Match the pattern lines
  • Bespoke Pattern Made For Your Size