Xs Men Dress Shirt

iTailor Xs Men Dress Shirt with 1 Button Round Cuff.

Shirt Style : Xs men dress shirt with Italian Collar 1 Button Xs Men Dress Shirt
Front Style : Single Placket
Type Sleeve: Long Sleeve
Back Style : Side Pleats
Collar Style : Italian Collar 1 Button
Cuff Style : 1 Button Round
Bottom Style : Tri-Tab
Pocket Style : Classic Round
Monogram : On Pocket
Buttons & Thread : White Button, White Thread
  Twill (2 Ply) 100 % Egyptian Cotton 80 Double x 80 Double Construction: 80x80/144x110 Thread Count: 254 Finishing: Liquid Amonia, Universal Eco Standard Pre-Shrunk, Easy Care, Easy Ironing
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