Alice D.

My husband recently used your site for the first time and was very happy with it. I'd like to get him some more shirts for Christmas.

  Reynaldo de Souza M.

I received the product and say that I really liked, I admire the work of you congratulation,

Reynaldo S M

  Taher S.

Excellent, I appreciate the customer service I'm getting and plan to do more business with itailor in the near future.

  Cathy S.

Good Afternoon:

I received the pants this morning and they fit beautifully. Anyone with an eye for fashion would be able to tell that they were quality made.

Thank you again.  I will recommend you to other parents.

  Hannah S.

thank you to all who made this shirt happen. my shirt is for my boyfriend we are both artists and we like unnique items. i love this shirt thank you and im so happy with the product. Best Wishes Hannah Shearer

  Eric B.

Dear sir I have just received my shirt invoice NoIT271656 1 I had made a request for an early delivery which you said would cost me £40. which I declined. However you have delivered ahead of my requested date, for no extra cost and I am very, very pleased.The shirt is beautiful and I shall , in my language, \'Swank\' with it in four days time. Thank you for your efficient service. Eric Blackburn

  John T.

Hi I have just received my overcoat and wanted to say how delighted I am with it . The material is very heavy and of very good quality and it is beautifully made . The fit is perfect thanks to it being tailored to my measurements and I like that there are two large pockets and a cellphone pocket inside . Having previously had an excellent shirt from you I would highly recommend your company and will certainly order more items from you in the future . Many thanks John F B T.

  Tyra C.

ur work is so beautiful and thank u for your expert work and service.
Tyra J. C

   John D.

Hi there, 

Sawasdee!! Hello!! I have just received the two shirts I recently
ordered, and want to tell you they are absolutely first class!! Your
service is fast and accurate, the measurements are all correct, and I
am very, very pleased. They are an excellent fit and look very smart,
which is what I wanted. I will certainly be using you again. Thank you
so much J D Knight, Boston, United Kingdom

  Dave H.


Just to say My Linen shirt arrived today, another fantastic shirt once again.
Have just order another.
Best regards
Dave H

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