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iShoes: iTailor Shoes

All Shoes are custom made to each individual hence there is no refund according to Custom Made industry, if there is a production error, please send in pictures of the issue and we will remake without any charges. iTailor Shoes(iShoes) delivery is 6-8 weeks.

Customs / Taxes

Our custom-made shoes are produced and sent from our direct factory and headquarters in Thailand. Customs duties may apply in certain regions and would eventually depend on your country's local customs and tax bureaus. Generally, customs agents enjoy leeway in their decision making. iTailor (iShoes by iTailor) is not liable for any taxes, duties or custom charges that may incur.


As we are an online tailor-made enterprise, our premium leather (unlike standard mass manufactured shoes companies) are obtained in separate lots to ensure the best quality for our custom-made shoes. As such differences in shading of a product of the same leather are possible, especially when re-ordering the same pair of shoes with different order numbers, or at different times.

The product design image on our web interface is for visualisation only. The product color may differ from the image shown due to differences in screen monitors, resolution, brightness, contrast and other individual settings.

The color descriptions seen on our website are solely intended for our brand. They do not correspond to other general or universal descriptions of the color mentioned by any other sources or brands.

Refund Policy

We have no refund policy, as each item ordered is made individually according to your preferences and there is no resale value.

As we do not have a return or refund policy, we request you to send us pictures in the case of any measurement error or production defect. We will then assist you and review the case before responding to you with a solution.


Delivery generally takes 5-6 weeks. In order to minimize delivery time for each product, every item may be packed and shipped individually.


Each pair of shoes is uniquely hand-crafted for you. As is the nature of custom and hand-made shoes, variations in fitting may occur, even for the same ordered items or sizes.

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