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Payment Conditions

All transactions made are through the online payment merchant. The customer receives payment confirmation when payment details are entered and the ordering process is concluded.

We would like to advise that, however unlikely the event, orders may be subject to customs fees and duties, depending on where the order is placed. On orders with larger value than personal exemption laws permit in any given region, customs charges may apply. In those cases, the logistics company will usually collect the customs fee at your door.


As our treasured customer, we value and respect your privacy. We do not sell, trade, lease or rent any of your personal information with unauthorized third parties. We use various security measures to protect the security and confidentiality of your personal information. We use cookies and other technologies to keep track of your interactions with our site and services to offer a personalized experience.


  • 1. We offer no refunds in any case, as we sell custom-made products. According to international law, as we cannot reuse or resell the product (the item having been especially made for the individual according to their custom design), there is no resale value, and thus we are not required to accept returns.

  • 2. In case of fit issues and necessary alterations, iTailor cannot be held responsible, as an allowance of 80 Euros for the customer to alter the product with locally is included in our service. iTailor is an online ordering platform for custom-made clothing, and adjustments to the clothing may be necessary (trial and error) to find your best feeling fit.

  • 3. iTailor suits are online custom suits. It is sometimes difficult to perfect the fit without going to a tailor shop, where you generally have 3-4 fittings. This point needs to be clarified, as we provide the most economical price available online or offline in today's tailor-made/custom-made business. However, iTailor provides 80 Euros to all customers to perfect/fine tune their suits at their own will.

  • 4. For standard sizes, there are many brands in the clothing market and each brand provides different sizing and fit for standard sizes. iTailor standard sizes clearly give you the dimensions of each size. Please view the size dimensions carefully (the sizes are garment sizes not body sizes). For further questions, please email us at info@itailor.com.

  • 5. The garment is tailor-made and there is an allowance of 1.5 cm for length and sleeve length. This is the standard allowance in quality control for custom-made suits.

  • 6. For customers using the body measurements option, please note that there is an addition to chest, waist and hips. The addition differs for each body type. Usually 3-7 inches are added in these areas, and you can use the 80 Euros credit to alter the chest, waist and hips to your liking (usually the fit should be good, but each person's viewpoint and feeling on the garment may differ. That is the reason we provide the alteration allowance for every customer).

  • 7. If the style chosen is produced wrong, iTailor will remake the suits without any charges, however the customer needs to return the suit by the most economical local airmail (maximum cost covered by iTailor is 33 Euros).

  • 8. The Product design image on our web interface is for visualization only. It is difficult to guarantee the exact color due to differences in screen monitors, brightness, contrast etc.

  • 9. For large quantities of suit orders, there is a possibility of a slight difference of 0.5 to 1 inch in the measurements. As this is tailor-made production, each suit order is cut and made individually unlike ready-made mass production.

  • 10. The first time a customer orders any custom-made product there is a chance that the fit is not 100% perfect. The need for minor alteration of the product or size adjustment might be necessary. Incorrect measuring does not qualify as production error. iTailor provides 80 Euros for the customer to fix any possible problem, hence the fit is guaranteed.

  • 11. In the case of a production error, the customer is required to take and upload a picture of him/herself wearing the product displaying the error and email this information to info@itailor.com.

  • 12. For the pants, the style of the bottom is viewpoint-based. The boot cut may differ for a shorter person as opposed to a taller person. If you would like to fine tune, you can easily consult your local alterations tailor to adjust the item using the 80 Euros allowance.

  • 13. iTailor suits are made by skilled tailors, and we try to match pin stripes/lines/patterns at the shoulders. Please note that matching lines at the shoulders may cause slight to medium puckle at the shoulder on some body types. If the customer prefers to ensure smooth shoulders over the matching of pin stripes/lines/patterns, please notify iTailor customer service within 24 hours of having placed your order via email.

  • 14. It is most likely that you will have to pay the customs fees in Europe(as a courtesy please use part of 80 Euros to ease your costs), as this is part of the common online shopping process (end users pay the customs fees). iTailor cannot be responsible for these charges by your countries tax and customs.(iTailor helps partially with the 80 Euros) For USA customers, tax should not be incurred, as the product value is under 200 usd in most cases. However we cannot guarantee this. Please note that even with customs/tax charges, iTailor suits are still very economical compared to other.

  • 15. For the sleeve length, we give a lot of fabric allowance, to make any potentially necessary sleeve adjustments possible. Please note, than for working button sleeves, adjustments are not possible, so we encourage our customers to double check their sleeve length measurements properly.

  • 16. As we are an online tailoring enterprise, our fabrics (unlike standard mass manufactured garment companies) are selectively milled in separate lots, in line with the tradition of bespoke. As such differences in shading of a product of the same fabric (due to variations in the dying proces) are possible, especially when re-ordering the same fabric at with different order numbers, or at different times.

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